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Mistero Milano – professional hybrid nail polishes

Meet and learn

Mistero Milano

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Mistero Milano is one of the first brands on the European market that have introduced and promoted hybrid manicure and nail styling products. We are at the forefront of the world's manufacturers of professional products for stylists. You can find us, among others, in Spain, Germany, Italy and Iran.


Our products are a real breakthrough in the world of nail styling! They are directed to Professionals who choose proven, durable and effective solutions. Therefore, in our offer you will find only the highest quality products, thanks to which you will create a one-of-a-kind manicure and pedicure. In addition to the phenomenal palette of over 200 color gel lacquers, we also offer bases and tops, gel and acrylic systems and other auxiliary preparations for professional stylizations. Every 4th beauty salon in Poland works on our products, thanks to the high-quality products, many personalities from the world of fashion and show business have trusted us.

What make us special ?
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in creating innovative


and trends

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Over 1000 PRODUCTS

in the offer, of which over 200 are

NEW during the year

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brand INSTRUKTORS around the

world, inck. Germany,

Spain, Italy, England

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Prestigous AWARDS incl.

Glamour Glammies 2017,

Forbes Diamonds

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Participation in the COSMETIC FAIRS

in Poland and other countries

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An nationwide events

organization – SHOWS


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Active community - over




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Choose professional and safe hybrid manicure products! !


Safe and durable hybrid manicure !


Our gel lacquers, as well as other nail products, use the latest chemical technology. Each of our gel lacquer undergoes a process of tests and analyzes to make sure that the product will meet the expectations of even the most demanding stylists. Are you wondering if our gel lacquers cause allergies? The gel lacquers we offer are hypoallergenic and safe for health, created using tested and reliable formulas.

The safety of Mistero Milano products is supervised by a certified team of experts in the field of Cosmetics Safety and Household Chemicals.



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Discover over 200 colors

gel lacquers

mistero milano

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We do our best to make sure that the colors of gel lacquers will meet the most diverse tastes. We keep the lights on, follow the fashion shows of the greatest designers and follow the trends, adapting our latest collections to them.

High quality gel lacquers are durable, their coverage is unique, their colors are beautiful and, above all, they are safe - we try to meet all these requirements and create perfect and reliable products.


Thanks to modern technology, Mistero Milano gel lacquers stay on the nails for up to 3 weeks. The durability of the hybrid manicure allows you to enjoy the perfect stylization without chipping it off or scratching. Mistero Milano gel lacquers have a certified and tested formula! Hybrid manicure saves time and is incredibly durable, ensuring a flawless appearance of the nails, regardless of the activities performed.

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