Nail polish hybrids for Fall 2022 - MISTERO MILANO

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Nail polish hybrids for Fall 2022 - MISTERO MILANO

Autumn season is full of colors where it does not have to be gray and sad. Move with us to the charming Provencal streets and flowery lavender fields, enjoying the colors of autumn in its purest form. The autumn collection of  UV gel polishes from Mistero Milano includes 9 captivating colors whose shades refer to what is the most beautiful at this time of the year. From green to deep red and plum with a glittery effect. Autumn LAVENDER FALL UV gel polishes are a response to the needs of those of you who are looking for color in autumn, and the beige and brown ones are the last resort. Enjoy their intense colors and use them to create stylizations that will not be ashamed of any nail connoisseur.




Autumn hybrid nails


Among the autumn color palette from Mistero Milano there are 9 UV gel polishes, created by us for this season. They are a true blaze of colors, which is energetic and at the same time romantic. It allows you to easily match its shades to the contents of your wardrobe. Autumn UV gel polishes from Mistero Milano are dedicated to those of you who want to look elegant, stylish and classy this season. An elegant trench coat, a woolen hat, a take-away pumpkin latte in your hand, and you calmly and a bit nonchalantly roam the charming corners of French towns. There is nothing else on your nails but a French Kiss - that is, an intense holographic plum. If you prefer to go crazy with color, go ahead! Denim dungarees, airy linen shirt, suede schoes, you catching the remnants of the warm sun and Dream of Provence! Literally, because this paint color is like an unfulfilled dream that you are holding in your hands. Lavender UV gel polish will convince many romantics. Its pastel color will emphasize your autumn chic and make even ordinary everyday styling unique.


Red hybrid nails


Red, ah this red… Red UV gel polish is an indispensable element of every season but in autumn the red becomes even more feminine than ever. Autumn nails covered with hybrid varnish Feathers at the Moulin Rouge are a real treat for nail magpie. This red glitter hybrid varnish has very finely ground particles. Thanks to this, it is the perfect color for both everyday and evening wear. In its intense color, it is so subtle that it will work in an office style in combination with a women's suit, and in the evening in combination with a small black dress. How about Bubbles for Breakfast? And no, we do not mean a drink loved by women in its literal sense. Intense, wine, classic and timeless burgundy. This is something that each of us needs in his hybrid trunk. Burgundy nails for fall are something that we don't have to write too much about or convince you that this color is like wine. Persistent, charming, suitable for strong and determined personalities, and good anytime, anywhere. How are you tempted?


Bottle or pastel green color on the nails?


Bottle green UV gel polish is another autumn classic color. Color de la color is an intense dark green UV gel polish that will be perfect for creating autumn stylizations. And if you are thinking of something more crazy, as well as suitable for an evening out to the theater, then I Champagne Craving is begging to jump on your nails. This color is a favorite of the fall collection. You don't have to add anything to it - in the solo version on nails it looks great. And its owner charms with its captivating depth, making it your favorite fall color once and for all. Mint trench coat is a subdued, delicate proposition for those of you who prefer pastel colors. Autumn nails are not only intense colors, but also non-obvious colors like this phenomenal green. Its color is reminiscent of an airy trench coat that flutters carelessly when you stroll with pride through the most beautiful streets of cities with a Mediterranean climate.



Nails for autumn


The autumn UV gel polishes we have created also have intense shades in their collection, which this season will definitely not let you forget about the hot summer aura. Bonjour Kitty, it is a delightful extinguished orange that resembles the color of the setting sun just beyond the horizon of wine fields. On the other hand, Wrapped in cashmere is an intense raspberry pink. Its exciting color brings to mind a warm, cashmere scarf that will wrap you with its nobility and make you feel like a real opera diva who is just triumphing at her stage debut. Intensive UV gel polishes for the autumn will allow you to conjure up not only beautiful stylizations in a single color, but also add a bit of color to decorations made with their use. So do you want to find out? Which color do you start this autumn with?


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Nail polish hybrids for Fall 2022 - MISTERO MILANO

Autumn season is full of colors where it does not have to be gray and sad....

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