Nails for Christmas and New Year's Eve - flash Reflects nail polishes

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Nails for Christmas and New Year's Eve - flash Reflects nail polishes

Christmas and New Year's Eve are the times when each of us wants to shine and emphasize our uniqueness. What could be a better way to add shine to our styles than using flash hybrid nail polishes? Read the article to the end and get to know the new colors from the Reflects glitter collection, which will give you the spectacular effect you have dreamed of.


Glitter hybrid nails with flash Reflects effect


The Reflects collection is a series of hybrid nail polishes whose main advantage is the amazing glitter flash effect. Each color in this collection is a little gem that will make your nails impossible to ignore. No matter what outfit you choose, glitter hybrid nail polishes will be the perfect complement.


What hybrid nails for Christmas?


Christmas is coming, which means it's time to prepare for festive meetings, gifts and, of course, magical styling details. If you want to add extra flash to your nails, varnished hybrids from the Reflects collection will be a perfect solution for this special period.


What nail color for Christmas?


If your main goal for the upcoming holidays is to achieve unrivaled elegance, then red flash nails covered with Red Flag hybrid varnish will become your perfect ally!


Red is a classic Christmas color, and the addition of shimmering glitter gives it exceptional depth and intensity. Glitter particles enclosed in a bottle of Red Flag nail polish shimmer on a red background, creating a spectacular shine that attracts attention. If you value elegance and want to add a bit of glamor to your Christmas styling, there is no better choice.

The red glittery Red Flag hybrid varnish goes perfectly with various styles, adding sophistication to them. Regardless of whether you choose a classic little black dress or nude outfits, red hybrid varnish will always add a touch of luxury.

On the other hand, if you prefer more subtle and unique colors, choose the blue You Slay Girl hybrid varnish or Pink Shoot.


Flash hybrid nail polish in a shade of blue adds nonchalance to the styling. This is the perfect choice if you want to exude peace and at the same time introduce a bit of mystery into your Christmas styling.


Pink flash varnish is a dirty pink color immersed in a glitter surface. Pink glitter hybrid varnish is a good solution for those who want to emphasize their delicate side of nature. Pink nails with glitter go perfectly with nude dresses, which will make you feel special. It goes equally well with black jeans and light Christmas sweaters, giving the whole thing a light, fresh character.

What nail color for New Year's Eve?


New Year's Eve is the time when we want to shine. So why not do it literally? With the Reflects flash varnish collection it is possible like never before.


If you are considering a phenomenal glitter hybrid nail polish for New Year's Eve, black Predator on the dance floor will be a hit. This is a bold option for strong and independent women who want to express their individuality. When it comes to the outfit with which you can combine black glitter nail polish, it is an elegant evening dress or classic trousers combined with a shiny top. In fact, glittery black will perfectly complement any New Year's Eve outfit.

Another idea for a New Year's Eve hybrid manicure is brown Party Hard nail polish. Brown with glitter will be a nice choice if you value harmony, warmth and style, and at the same time want to emphasize your natural beauty and add a bit of glamor to your New Year's Eve styling. The choice is yours.


You can choose all colors from the Reflects collection both for Christmas and New Year's Eve. This is a collection created for fans of sparkle. So don't limit yourself to just one color. Go crazy and discover your favorite shades by creating an extraordinary manicure that will attract attention and add shine to any styling at any time.

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