New Year's Eve nails - discover Flash glitter hybrids

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New Year's Eve nails - discover Flash glitter hybrids

What is New Year's Eve associated with? With a thousand colorful lights, flashes, fireworks and sparkling champagne. This is exactly the atmosphere of the Reflects collection. These are glitter gel lacquer with a flash effect that will allow you to create nails full of colorful lights for New Year's Eve and carnival. The collection consists of nine unique shades inspired by crazy party nights. Glitter gel lacquers are something that will be adored by fans of multidimensional shine, real stars of the dance floor and the souls of the party who attract people with eternal enthusiasm. Millions of glitter particles immersed inside flash gel lacquers will make even the simplest stylization dazzle with its unique shine.


Glitter nails not only for the New Year's Eve


Gel lacquer with glitter from the Reflects collection is a must have in autumn season, but not only! Glitter hybrids are not a mandatory item only in the autumn and winter period. Glitter nails are a proposal that flash enthusiasts love for the whole year. Just a small glitter accent on your everyday nails is enough to give them an evening style and make them a bit of a party character. Then, nails with glitter will also be a perfect idea for the office manicure. Which of our proposals will be the first to appear on your nails? Will you bet on red glitter gel lacquer, or maybe you will choose black nails with glitter? If you love jewelry designs on nails, the flash effect gel lacquers have been designed for someone like you!




Inspirations for black glitter nails


Black is always a good choice. Both in the case of classic little black dress and nail stylization. Black ala Allure is a classic deep black with a million holographic glitter particles. Black nails with glitter will be a perfect proposition for everyday autumn and winter stylizations as well as during the biggest events such as New Year's Eve. Put on a thick wool sweater and jeans, and black brocade nails will be the perfect complement. When the evening comes and you transform into a party diva, it's time for black tights, a sensual dress, a black glitter manicure on your nails will be like the most expensive jewelry set. Gently shimmering in the light of the disco spotlights, it will make it impossible to pass by you indifferently!




Red glitter nails


Flash, harmony and elegance - these are the terms that best define the red glitter gel lacquer Red in Rio. Red glitter nails are perfect as a solo player in stylization, as well as when you decide to supplement only selected nails or their fragments with this color. Red brocade french or ombre manicure? It just has to work! Red gel lacquer will be an ideal proposition not only for a party but also for festive nails. Red nails for the holidays, an elegant shirt with a ruffle and voila! A stylization that dazzles and makes you glamour star. In addition, red nails with glitter will also be a perfect idea for New Year's Eve and carnival. Red is a color that you can freely combine with any outfit!




Pink glitter nails


Powder pink is one of the most frequently chosen colors for nails. What if we tell you that we've added some glitter bling to this proposal? To the Disco Rhythm is a pink gel lacquer with glitter, which will become your timeless favorite. Bet on it at least once, and we guarantee that you will come back to it regularly. Pink glitter nails are a very girly proposition, which, despite everything, are full of sex appeal and sensual character. Powder pink nails enriched with glitter are also a great choice for New Year's Eve, but not only. This is a gel lacquer that will surely delight more than one bride. Wedding nails with glitter made using this color are a classic in itself.




The best glitter gel lacquers


Glitter gel lacquers from the Reflects collection are a true colorful madness! If you are a silver lover , then Paparazzi Silver  is your must have. It is a silver gel lacquer with glitter that will make you look like a million dollars in a few moments. Silver glitter nails will be perfect for both the New Year's Eve and Carnival, as well as in the summer. Gently shimmering in the summer sun, they will become the perfect companion during holiday trips. As in the case of the Okey, let's go! gel lacquer. It is a turquoise gel lacquer which, in combination with the Blue Shakar, will allow you to create phenomenal brocade ombre manicure. Such stylization is the manicure that all crazy and adventurous girls will love. So don't hesitate anymore. Gel lacquers with glitter are something that you must have!




Carnival hybrid manicure


Are you always a star on the dance floor? Purple gel lacquer with glitter  Impressive is a must-have on your party shopping list. Or maybe you are the precursor and organizer of most social events? Moreover, if it is gold that reigns supreme in your jewelery box, put on the glittering Founde Party gel lacquer. That one night, golden glitter nails will let you feel like Marylin Monroe in a dress lined with a million Swarovski crystals. This color is a guarantee of great fun and more! If you dream about something unobvious, then be sure to choose Freestyler. It's a dirty pink gel lacquer with glitter, which is simply insane. This color will make you completely unsure what colors it hides in its structure. Glitter gel lacquers will make your carnival nails hypnotize with their riot of colors and unprecedented shine straight from the stars!



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