Princes nails - how to make nails with sunken glitter?

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Princes nails - how to make nails with sunken glitter?

Princes nails - how to make nails with sunken glitter?


Princess nails is a glitter trend that has taken over the entire nail world. No wonder, because it is phenomenal design, which, although it looks very effective, is not difficult to make at all. It is a design that all brides have loved. Nails with glitter sunken inside the gel are an ideal stylization also for the New Year's Eve carnival period. Cheers of enthusiasm will be heard for a long time!





Princess nails – how to make them?


To make princess nails, you will need the selected shade of glitter dust. The best will be glitter, which in its structure has both finely ground flakes and the slightly larger ones with an irregular shape. Diversified type of particle sizes and colors will provide the stylization with a three-dimensional effect. In addition, to make princess nails, you will need a pad or a plate on which you will prepare a decorative mass, moreover, you will also need a semi-transparent builder gel or gel lacquer and a wooden stick to mix the entire prepared mass.


Princess nails – step by step - watch the full tutorial on You Tube Chanel




1. On the previously prepared plate, put a drop of the semi-transparent shade of the builder gel. For this purpose, we recommend the Tixologic gel in the peach shade, which provides about 30% coverage, which will make the glitter particles placed in it still visible. Then, using a wooden stick, place the appropriate amount of glitter particles inside the gel mass. Try to pick up a mix of different shapes and colors from the jar.

2. Use a gel brush to apply the glitter mixture to the prepared and covered with a hybrid base nail. Start applying the product right next to the cuticles, so that there is as much of it as possible and the color saturation in this place is the strongest.

3. Take a slightly smaller amount of the mixture with fine glitter flakes on the brush and spread it to about 2/3 of the length of the na




4. Cure it in the lamp.

5. You can proceed to applying the gel to the entire nail plate, or adding the glitter mass again. If at this stage the effect is satisfactory for you, use the Simple Shape milk gel in the shade of miky white to cover the entire nail. Apply a small layer of the product on the whole surface and cure in the lamp.

6. It's time to build a proper apex. Apply a larger ball of Milky White gel and use it to build the right shape of the nail. Remember to put as little gel as possible in the area of the cuticles.




7. After the final gel layer is cured in the lamp, it's time to file the nail. Use a 100/180 grit file to give it the desired shape, thus smoothing out unevenness.

8. Wipe the matted surface of the nail with Cleaner Detergente.

9. Apply a hybrid top to the entire stylization. For this purpose, use Mineral Top without wiping the dispersion layer. Put the olive on top of it, rub it in and it's ready!




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Princes nails - how to make nails with sunken glitter?

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