Acrylic nails are a wonderful system that offers an inexhaustible source of possibilities. Acrylic nails are incredibly durable, flexible and their shape can be perfected. Acrylic nails are also an irreplaceable product for decorating. Its advantage is that there is no need to use a lamp - it only needs some time to harden.

Our acrylic system consists of the highest quality acrylic powders and acrylic liquids, which are a perfect partner for work. Mix both products in appropriate proportions to create an acrylic mass. Beginners will appreciate the flexibility of the mass and the additional minutes for its development, and advanced users will be delighted with the ease and speed of working with the product. For stylists who use acrylic mainly for decorations, we have composed a color scheme that is perfect for this purpose! Check out our unique Polimer Esperto offer and find the product for yourself!

Liquids for acrylic

Acrylic liquid is a liquid that allows you to create an acrylic mass. Our monomers are also intended for people whose nail plate has less adhesion. The liquids also have UV filters that guarantee color stability and safe composition - without methyl methacrylate.

Acrylic powders

Acrylic powders are available in white, cover: beige and pink, colored and transparent. Acrylic powders create a mass with an extremely smooth surface, which, with proper work technique, will reduce the time spent on sawing. Acrylic powders are available in 15ml, 30ml and 200ml sizes. And colored powders in 5 ml capacity.

If you want to try our acrylic nail system, we have also prepared 3 ml acrylic samples for you.

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