Gel UV

Gel nails

Are you wondering if nail gel is for you? Are you fast and don't like it when something slows down your work? Or maybe you are precise and don't look for shortcuts? It doesn't matter - we will find the perfect gel for you! Our nail gels are adapted to different tastes and expectations, both in terms of color coverage and density. Self-leveling gels for beginner nail stylists. Gel nails allow you to create any shape and any length. Gel nails are durable and are intended for people with brittle nail plates. How to start doing gel nails?

Nail gels - our offer

Our offer of UV nail gels includes: easy to work with and excellent in consistency, base gels, building gels and single-phase gels, but also topcoat gels, colored gel varnishes and decorating gels. Nail gels perfectly match even the most problematic nail plates, and their technologically advanced systems are perfect for both beginners and advanced Styling Masters.

Single-phase gels

Single-phase gels are universal products - you can perform all styling phases with one gel, saving time and money. Single-phase gels will be perfect for beginners who are starting their adventure with nail gels. At a low cost, they will allow you to check whether the gel method is for you. They are characterized by the easiest to prepare, medium-thick consistency. Do you want to learn more about single-phase gels and make your choice easier? Read our blog post about single-phase nail gels.

Base gels

Base gels are the base for the gel. They increase the adhesion of the nail to subsequent layers of styling. Some hybrid bases, such as the Flexi hybrid base or the Expert hybrid base, are also suitable as bases for the gel.

Building gels

Building gel allows you to build your nail - it can only strengthen it, build it up or even significantly extend it. Nail extension gels are available in transparent, cover and milk versions. The Simply Shape series of gels are building gels at a favorable price, with self-leveling properties, allowing you to control the mass and easy to file - be sure to try them and read how to build tonsil nails with them. The Luxury line is a line of high-quality products recommended by nail stylists. This line is characterized by thixotropy, i.e. "liquid memory". It will make working with the gel extremely comfortable, allow you great control over the mass and minimize or eliminate the need to file the gel. If you want to read more about gels and how to make gel nails, read our blog post.

Thick nail gel

TIXOLOGIC building liquid memory gels are innovative products for beginner nail stylists who are starting their adventure in nail extensions using a form. Their thick, self-leveling formula allows you to work with the gel without fear of flooding the cuticles when creating the shape of your nails. Thanks to the use of thixotropy, i.e. liquid memory, you can easily build up to 5 nails at one time. TIXOLOGIC gels speed up the work by shortening the time needed to perform gel styling. The colors of self-leveling gels will allow you to create the perfect French manicure. The offer includes babyboomer gel as well as French gel.

Gels in a brush

Comfortable gels in a brush are a hit among nail technicians. An ideal product for efficient removal of regrowth in styling. Fast Gel building gels are perfect for beginner nail stylists as well as for experienced nail styling masters. Camouflaging the shortcomings of the nail plate, building up the nail plate or masking damage in the styling are just a few of the features of this product. Nail gel is a product that is an irreplaceable tool for every nail stylist.

Decorating gel

Nail art gels are a group of gels that make our gel manicure more attractive. Spider gel will allow you to create perfectly straight and thin lines without effort, gel pigment will allow you to create new colors, gel paste will help you create perfect convex patterns such as sweaters, and gel paint will help you with ornaments, one stroke, zhostovo or ombre. Paint liner is a black product for painting ultra-thin lines in nail art styles.

Acrylic gel

Acrylic gels are a system that combines the advantages of nail gel and acrylic. Acrylic gels are odorless, allow for great control over the mass because they do not harden like acrylic, do not bake in the lamp and are easy to file. Glitter acrylic gels for salon nail extensions as well as for construction French nails will allow you to create a multi-dimensional styling with the addition of glitter. Nail designs made with acrylic gel are incredibly durable and allow you to create any nail shape.

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