POLYMER GEL SYSTEM is innovative and fully refined Acrylic gel products from Mistero Milano. Acrylic gel combines the advantages of the gel and acrylic systems, which makes work much easier and opens up new possibilities! Here you will find transparent, opaque and white acrylic gels, acrylic gel modeling fluid, a spatula for applying acrylic gels and complete sets of acrylic gel products.

The product formula is perfect for everyday salon work and as a training product. The consistency of the product facilitates the nail extension technique and significantly speeds it up.

Thanks to these innovative products you will gain:

  • 100% CONTROL OVER THE WEIGHT - the product does not flow or harden, time will finally no longer be your enemy!
  • WORKING COMFORT - forget about choking on acrylic - acrylic gels are completely odorless, the liquid used in the procedure has a slightly noticeable alcohol smell.
  • ERGONOMICS OF WORK - the product does not require the pressure of the file when sawing - you will forget about aching wrists and spine!
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - the product is "light to wear" and does not burn in the lamp! Customer product guaranteed!
  • A TREASURE IN THE HANDS OF A PERFECTIONIST - the product gives you incredible control over the mass, which allows you to refine your work of art to perfection and significantly extend your nails, and the tunnel will finally stop expanding!

We have placed the product in convenient jars - if you take too much of the product, you can easily put it back without wasting it!

The product will work well in both the professional's salon and in the hands of beginners! See for yourself!

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