Colour reflects your mood, colour is your personality. Colour is something that you already know, and at the same time, something that you can discover once again. The colour leads to change, and sometimes even to the revolution! Yes! Exactly this idea is the most important in creating each and every new collection of PERMANENTE UV. Thanks to it, in our colour palette you will find above all YOU, or maybe NEW YOU? Gel lacquers PERMANENTE UV are trusted by lots of women! What about you?

Why should you trust them? Because PERMANENTE UV lacquers:

  • have excellent quality, 
  • perfect coverage, 
  • are flexible and don’t chip, 
  • cure in lamp quickly, 
  • retain the freshness and intensity of pigment, 
  • they are manufactured from the highest quality materials, 
  • there are 200 colours and each of them has a beautiful unique name!
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Fast shipping orders
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