Mistero Milano hybrid nail polishes

These products are characterized by an innovative combination of durability, ease of application and stunning colors. We make sure that our hybrid nail polishes meet the expectations of the most demanding nail stylists, constantly improving their formula, also taking into account trends in the hybrid manicure industry. It is not without reason that hybrid nail polishes continue to win women's hearts.

Hybrid nails - advantages

Hybrid manicure encourages, first of all, the incredible ease of execution and the extraordinary durability of the manicure - up to 4 weeks. Unlike classic nail polish, hybrid nail polish does not crack, chip or crumble, ensuring an elegant appearance of your hands for a long time.

Household chores will no longer conflict with your manicure. Forget about the frustration of waiting for the varnish to dry - after the hybrid varnishes harden in the lamp, you can do whatever you want without worrying about damaging the final effect. How long do hybrid nails last? Properly done hybrid nails stay on the nails for up to 4 weeks. If the hybrid is falling off at the ends, it is worth strengthening it with Fast gel.

Safe and durable hybrid varnishes

Our hybrid varnishes use the latest chemical technology, which allows for perfect nail styling. Each of our varnishes, before being offered, undergoes a process of thorough testing and analysis to ensure that we create a product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding stylists. The hybrid varnishes we offer are hypoallergenic and safe for health, created using tested and reliable formulas.

We make sure that our hybrid varnishes are highly pigmented and cover a maximum of 2 layers. The creamy, medium-thick consistency ensures comfort of work and ease of painting right under the cuticles without fear of spilling them.

The SOLVENT FREE formula used in hybrid varnishes allows the varnishes to maintain their durability for a very long time, the pigment used in the varnish does not dissolve even if the product is not used for a long period of time. Hybrid nail polishes with the SLOVENT FREE formula do not emit unpleasant fumes.

Hybrid nail polishes for autumn

Hybrid nail polishes for autumn - a palette of red, burgundy, green and beige. Hybrid nails for autumn are a compilation of juicy burgundy colors combined with natural beige shades that never go out of fashion! Inspiring colors of hybrid nail polishes for autumn - check out our proposals.

How to start doing hybrid nails? If you are planning to start your adventure with hybrid varnishes in the fall, read our post - how to paint your nails with hybrid varnish
Hybrid bases and tops

Bases and tops are our gems. After all, the hybrid base is the basis of the entire styling and the durability of hybrid stylings depends on its quality. It also comes into direct contact with the natural nail plate - so it must, above all, be a product with a safe composition. Hybrid bases are the products we can be proud of. For years, our bestseller has been the flexible Flexi Base hybrid base, without which many nail stylists cannot imagine their lives. Expert Base hybrid base is a new generation product with polyamide fibers that strengthen the nail plate and are suitable for problematic nail plates where the styling does not last for a guaranteed period of time. The Milky Expert milky hybrid base is the brother of the Expert Base in a milky color - in addition to the previously mentioned advantages, it has a milky color that perfectly enhances the bright and neon colors of hybrid varnishes. Mineral hybrid nail base is a product that ensures exceptional durability and natural appearance of nails. If you love minimalism and a healthy, natural look of your nails, a base with the addition of minerals will certainly give you such a look.

Tops, in turn, complete the entire styling, ensuring its constant shine or a perfectly matte finish. Top no wipe Quick is our expert in crystal shine on nails, Matt Thatt hybrid matte top is a bestseller and a specialist in perfect matte that does not shine and lasts until the styling is changed. Top with Dot On Top particles gives the styling a matte finish with a delicate note of extravagance in the form of subtle white or black particles. This is the perfect product to make beautiful nails look phenomenal and tasteful.

Colorful hybrid varnishes

Mistero Milano's offer includes over 200 colors of hybrid varnishes. We try to ensure that they correspond to the latest trends and suit various tastes. We keep our finger on the pulse and look for perfect colors, which we present in matching combinations. Each new collection of hybrid varnishes corresponds to trends in a given period and season. Everyone will find something here that will steal their heart. Red fans will love the Kiss Kiss collection of red hybrid nail polishes, ladies who prefer lighter shades or have a dress code will like the collection of cover bases in natural shades. Only pink on your nails? The Queen of Roses collection will suit your tastes. Neon fans will be attracted by the colors from the Neon Rythm collection. Always up to date? The Optic collection of transparent hybrid varnishes will delight you and give you plenty of space to show off your skills! Fans of particles in hybrid nail polish will love the Star collection of tops, which will turn any nail polish into a shiny wonder, and in the fall they will not resist the Dark Avenue Shimmering collection. French hybrid varnish will give your nails a natural and classic look. Hybrid varnishes in the Solvent Free formula retain their durability for a very long time, the pigment does not delaminate, so your favorite hybrid varnish will stay with you for a long time in the same consistency. Hybrid varnish in the Solvent Free formula does not thicken in the bottle.

The offer also includes Hema free hybrid varnishes - it is a safe and durable formula - lower risk of irritation. Hybrid nail polishes for allergy sufferers do not contain Hema. The high self-leveling properties of Hema free varnishes allow for efficient application without leaving streaks. The creamy consistency of the varnishes allows for uniform application to the nail plate without fear of spilling onto the cuticles. Just two thin layers of hybrid varnish in the hema free formula allow you to achieve a very natural look of your nails.

Choose professional hybrid varnishes in the most fashionable colors!

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