Hybrid bases and tops

Choose the best bases and tops for hybrid nail polishes! Made of the highest quality components, they are the basis of every styling. Hybrid base is one of the most important styling elements. This is the basis without which it will be impossible to create a successful styling. The hybrid base is responsible for the durability of the manicure and protection of the natural nail plate. Appropriate application of a hybrid base can also even out the imperfections of the nail plate and harden it. Top for hybrid nail polish is the second (next to the hybrid base) key element when creating a styling. Tops are no less important than the color itself, because it is thanks to them that you can achieve various final effects. Hybrid tops extremely shine or matt the nails, protect dust, glitters and pigments and, above all, guarantee maximum protection of the hybrid nail polish. Properly selected bases and tops are products that will allow you to enjoy perfect styling for up to 3 weeks!

What is the best base for a hybrid?

The best base for hybrids is one that does not damage the nail plate and allows you to enjoy a long-lasting hybrid manicure. The hybrid base should cooperate with the nail plate and thus extend the durability of the styling. The MINERAL hybrid base for nails is a product that allows you to easily achieve a natural styling look. The MINERAL hybrid base contains rose quartz which, thanks to its properties, strengthens the nail plate and creates additional protection against mechanical damage. The flexible FLEXI hybrid base is an ideal product not only for hybrid styling, but also as a base for gel. Which gel base is the best? One that will fix the gel styling.

Which base for a hybrid should I choose?

If the nail plate is brittle and problematic, the EXPERT Hybrid Base will work great, as it contains POLYAMIDE fibers, which additionally strengthen the nail plate and provide it with solid support against mechanical injuries. It is a hybrid base intended for difficult nail plates.

Rubber Base how to use?

Medium-dense PERFECT COLOR rubber base is a base that, thanks to its self-leveling properties, allows you to easily create hybrid styling. What is rubber base? It's a 2-in-1 product - color and base in one.

Hybrid base

The hybrid base should be matched to the nail plate. If your nails are brittle and weak, the best solution is a hybrid base that will harden and strengthen the nail plate.

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