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Are you looking for a universal, efficient and, above all, effective system of liquid manicure preparations? You're in the right place! Mistero Milano nail preparations guarantee maximum effectiveness with minimum product consumption. The variety of available preparations means that everyone will find a product perfectly suited to the individual needs of the nail plate or a given styling.

Our offer includes preparations necessary for creating and removing nail styles, such as nail cleaners and removers, nail degreasers and topcoats, as well as preparations that care for and regenerate the nail plate, such as nail conditioners and perfumed nail oils with their captivating scent. The nail preparations we offer are made of carefully selected ingredients using innovative and at the same time safe for health formulas. Your safety and that of your clients is our priority!

Nail cleaner

This is one of the basic products in a nail stylist's cosmetic bag. Nail cleaners are used to better clean the dispersion layer of hybrid varnish or nail gel. They can also be used as a preparation for preparing the nail plate for styling. Cleaner Detergente additionally has disinfecting properties and a charming cherry scent, and Cleaner Extra Shine has a moisturizing and greasing oil, which makes the cleaner beautifully shine the manicure, but is not suitable for preparing the nail plate for the treatment.

Nail primer

Nail primers change the pH of the nail plate and lift the cuticles of the nail plate, which increases the adhesion of subsequent layers of styling and prevents air pockets. The offer includes Delicato acid-free primer and Standard acid primer. If you want to learn which nail primer to choose and how to apply it, read our blog post.

Nail remover

Nail removers are used to dissolve the hybrid mass, which makes it easier to remove the styling. The gentle formula of our removers allows for long-term contact of the product with the nail plate without fear of damaging it.

Nail preps

Nail preps increase adhesion by degreasing the nail plate and thus increase the durability of the styling. Atiscetico nail degreaser also has fungicidal and sporicidal properties, making it ideal for disinfection of mechanical injuries and inflammation of the nail plate.

Nail oils

Nail oil is a must have for hand care. Each nail styling dries the skin of your hands, especially the cuticles, which is why nail oil should be the culmination of every professional manicure treatment. Our nail oils contain caring ingredients such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E, which stimulate the growth of healthy and strong nails and the regeneration of cracked cuticles. Additionally, our nail oils have beautiful scents based on popular perfumes.

Perfumed cuticle oils

The convenient packaging of the olives with a pipette allows for easy application of the product. Perfumed nail cuticle oils have a rich formula of active ingredients contained in a gel consistency. Strongly perfumed nail oils leave a pleasant scent of perfume on the skin of your hands. The quickly absorbed formula does not leave a sticky consistency on the cuticles.

In the nail preparations category you will also find nail conditioners, adhesives for nail tips and transfer foil, and nail top coats.

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