Allergic to hybrids? Choose products perfect for allergy sufferers

At Mistero Milano, beauty, grace, safety, and health go hand in hand! If your nails are weak, brittle, damaged, or if you often experience allergies to hybrid products – you've come to the right place! Our category of hybrid polishes without HEMA and di-HEMA ingredients was created with women like you in mind, who demand special products.

Our hypoallergenic products, free of HEMA and di-HEMA ingredients, include:

  • MAKE ME FREE Line – a collection of dozens of the trendiest hybrid nail polish colors created with a HEMA and SOLVENT FREE formula. By excluding solvents from their composition, we have extended the durability of the products while maintaining a comfortably smooth consistency. The hybrid polishes in the MAKE ME FREE line provide full coverage with just two thin coats.

  • UNDRESS ME BASE Line – professional cover bases in beautiful, natural shades that significantly speed up the manicure process. With their HEMA and di-HEMA-free formula, they reduce the risk of allergies to hybrids and other irritations. These bases are designed for damaged and demanding nails that require strengthening. They work perfectly on nails prone to cracking and splitting.

  • SO SO HARD BASE from the MAKE ME FREE line – a professional hybrid base without HEMA and di-HEMA ingredients. Additionally, it contains keratin, acting as a magical builder that strengthens thin and brittle nails. This base supports nail recovery, prevents breakage, and extends the longevity of your manicure.

  • TOP MAKE ME GLOSSY – a topcoat product in an HEMA and di-HEMA, SOLVENT FREE formula. It is particularly recommended for individuals with sensitive and allergy-prone nails. The MAKE ME GLOSSY hybrid topcoat ensures long-lasting, intense shine and the durability of your style for up to 3 weeks. Its consistency makes it easy to apply on nails.

Allergy to hybrids: a word about allergens in products

Individuals with an allergy to hybrids may experience unpleasant effects after a manicure. This is often due to the presence of HEMA and di-HEMA ingredients in hybrid polishes. HEMA stands for hydroxyethyl methacrylate, and di-HEMA stands for di-hydroxyethyl methacrylate. These substances make the polish hard and resistant to mechanical damage when exposed to light. However, they have been replaced with safe and equally effective ingredients responsible for the polish's durability and strength. This allows us to enjoy beautiful nails for longer with minimal risk of allergic reactions. As an interesting fact, HEMA is also used in dentistry as a dental filling and in the optical industry as a building block for contact lenses. Both ingredients are classified as heptanes, which are chemical compounds with low molecular weight. This means they can penetrate the skin's hydrolipidic barrier, potentially causing irritations, blistering, or other allergic symptoms. However, it's important to note that HEMA only becomes dangerous in the case of improperly performed procedures, such as when the polish is applied too thickly and not adequately cured or when the UV/LED lamp fails to work properly. Improper distribution of the polish on the nail surface can also increase the risk of allergies to hybrids.

HEMA-free hybrid nail polishes: products without HEMA and di-HEMA

Why choose HEMA-free hybrid polishes? For some people, contact with HEMA can trigger an allergy to hybrids. It's understandable that you care about the health of your nails and want to avoid such problems. That's why we have prepared a wide selection of colorful hybrid nail polishes, bases, and topcoats that are free from these ingredients while still providing beautiful, long-lasting results.You no longer need to worry about whether a hybrid polish will cause an allergy. Our products are carefully developed to provide not only a spectacular look but also safety and comfort. Stop wondering which hybrid polishes won't cause allergies – simply choose your desired color below!Each HEMA-free and di-HEMA-free hybrid nail polish in our range has been thoroughly tested and is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin who want to enjoy beautiful nails without irritation or allergies. You can rest assured that they meet the highest quality standards and are free from ingredients that can cause allergies to hybrids.

Choose HEMA-free products and enjoy beautiful, healthy nails without concerns about allergies to hybrids. Give your nails what they deserve!

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