The highest quality cosmetics and SPA accessories for salons and beauty parlors looking for complete and effective solutions in the field of skin renewal and care. The foundation of the SPA line is the Macadamia Complex Orient series, which is a combination of naturally nourishing, precious oils with an exceptionally sensual scent, reminiscent of the most distant corners of the world. Treatments based on SPA line cosmetics allow you to experience exceptional relaxation while achieving the fastest and most visible effects - such as immediate nourishment and revitalization of the skin.

Hand creams

In addition to the professional SPA system, we also offer perfumed hand balms and creams with a captivating scent, which will be a great complement to any manicure. Hand creams are also available in sets, perfect as a gift, combined with a matching scent of olive oil. The scents of our sets refer to well-known and exclusive perfumes. Choose comprehensive care with a captivating scent that moves the senses!


Our offer also includes cosmetics necessary for a professional pedicure treatment, such as skin-softening salt, peeling and regenerating mask. Hybrid pedicure is a perfect option for summer. It is not only aesthetic, but also very durable because it can stay on toenails for up to 3 weeks. How to make it yourself at home?

Hybrid pedicure – what is needed?

To perform a hybrid pedicure, you need appropriate equipment. All of the products below can be purchased separately or as a ready-made hybrid kit.

Necessary products:
- cuticle stick - pusher
- polishing block
- file
- dust-free cotton pads
- cleaner
- base
- hybrid lacquer
- top
- UV/LED lamp

To make pedicure easier, it is worth purchasing foot separators. You can also use cotton pads instead of separators.

Hybrid pedicure – step by step

1. The first step is to prepare your feet for styling. For this purpose, you can use a grater and perform a peeling to get rid of calloused epidermis. Thanks to this treatment, your feet will be perfectly smooth.
2. Then you need to prepare the nail plate. To do this, give it the desired shape using a file and push back the cuticles with a pusher stick. Then the tile is matt with a polishing block and cleaned with a cleaner.
3. The next step is to apply a base for the hybrid varnish. The base is applied in a thin layer and cured for 60 seconds under a UV lamp or 30 seconds under an LED lamp. When nails are weakened and brittle, you can apply a second layer of base.
4. At this stage, colored hybrid varnish is applied. Energetic, cheerful colors are perfect for summer, for example orange, purple, mint, pink. For light colors, one layer is enough, for darker colors, two layers are enough to obtain full coverage. Each layer is hardened under a lamp.
5. It's almost over - the penultimate step is to apply a top coat that hardens the nail polish, extends its durability and improves the aesthetics of the pedicure. The top also hardens under the lamp.
6. If the top coat leaves a sticky dispersion layer, finally degrease your nails with a cleaner without acetone.

A durable hybrid pedicure perfect for summer and beyond is ready!

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