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Every customer - both regular and new - who agrees to participate in the loyalty program and accepts the regulations will be able to collect points within it. Any adult person as well as legal entities and organizations based in the territory of the Republic of Poland can become a participant in the program.

Points are not awarded for the purchase of services and products that are excluded from sales covered by the Program. This includes training and conference services, marketing products and antivirus products. Points in the Program are not calculated on delivery costs.

Points are awarded only for purchases via the online store Points will not be awarded for purchasing products on websites other than the official store.

Any customer, whether new or returning, who consents to participate in the loyalty program and accepts the terms and conditions, will be able to collect points within it.

Points are awarded for the following:

  • Purchases - every spent dollar earns 1 point
  • Each verified and moderator-approved product review - 10 points One-time points are awarded for:
  • First order after joining the program - 50 points
  • Granting marketing consents - 100 points

Voucher 10zł -> 200 points + minimum order of 35zł

Voucher 25zł -> 500 points + minimum order of 50zł

Voucher 40zł -> 800 points + minimum order of 80zł

Voucher 50zł -> 1000 points + minimum order of 100zł

Voucher 100zł -> 2000 points + minimum order of 200zł

Voucher 200zł -> 4000 points + minimum order of 400zł

Customers can check the number of earned points by logging into their account in the Loyalty Program section, where a detailed point history will be provided in the form of a list, along with information about the activity. Points are immediately credited to the account when an order is placed, and their "activation" occurs according to point 5.

The list of available vouchers will be visible in the account of each program user and displayed in the shopping cart for logged-in users. Vouchers will only be active once a sufficient number of points for their use is reached. To use a voucher, customers should add selected products to the cart and then select a voucher (if the customer has a sufficient number of points in their account, the voucher will be automatically selected). Clicking on the active voucher will apply the discount and change the cart's total price. The voucher value is distributed proportionally to all products in the cart.

Points for orders have a "pending" status until the return period expires (which is 30 days), and they change to "shipped" status after 35 days. During this time, points are queued (grayed out).

Points are valid for the entire duration of the loyalty program. The validity of collected points is one year from the date of acquisition, and after 30 days from their purchase, any unused points will expire.

In the case of product returns, order cancellations, or other changes to the order, points are automatically adjusted to the post-change state. In the case of partial product returns, the system will automatically calculate the correct number of points from pending points.

No, accumulated points and the benefits associated with them are tied to a specific individual and cannot be transferred. Therefore, they cannot be moved to another user or to different accounts of the same user.

No, customers who make purchases without registering do not receive points for their purchases.


Yes. Call the office: +48 508 171 542 or +48 017 864 19 94 and provide the person from the customer service department with all selected products with their codes and the all necessary data for shipping the order.

Yes, add products to the basket and select the option "Quick shopping (No account creation)". Enter the delivery address, select consents and click execute. Pay for your order and wait for the package.

If you have made a mistake and would like to replace the product / products with another one/ones, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible via chat on the website or by phone: +48 508 171 542 or +48 017 864 19 94. If we have not sent your package yet, we will replace the products.

If you have made a mistake in the address or would like to change it to another one, please contact our customer service department via chat on the website or by phone: +48 508 171 542 or +48 017 864 19 94. If we have not sent your package yet, we will change the delivery details.


Our sales representatives operate in individual provinces. You can find your representative here:

The prices at the representatives are the same as in the store. Promotions, however, rarely coincide with those on the online store. Often, representatives have separate promotions that do not appear on the online store and vice versa. Each promotion has its own regulations - there you will find the answer whether it also applies to the representatives.

Nasze produkty poza sklepem internetowym znajdziesz w salonach firmowych i u dystrybutowrów. Pełną listę według województw znajdziesz tutaj:

Pelną procedurę reklamacji znajdziesz w zakładce Zwroty i reklamacje:


Payments can be made to the account number:

Domestic transfers: ALIOR BANK S.A. 71 2490 0005 0000 4530 3357 3317

International transfers (EUR): PL  98 2490 0005 0000 4600 6076 4603

International transfers (USD): PL  33 2490 0005 0000 4600 7138 2811


Payments can be made in Polish Zlotys (PLN), Dollars (USD) and Euro (EUR).

In return for the recommendation, you will receive a discount code by e-mail. Just copy and paste it in the basket in the field "ENTER THE DISCOUNT CODE" and click "ACTIVATE THE CODE".

Date and cost of delivery

During the promotional campaigns - the shipping time may be extended.

The order shipping time during promotion is 3-5 business days plus time for courier delivery.

Detailed delivery costs check on:

The time of shipping the order depends on the posting of the transfer. Transfers made by Przelewy24 are booked much faster. In the case of a traditional transfer, the waiting time for booking is much longer. If the transfer is posted by 12:00 on a given business day, we will send the package the same day. If it was posted later, we will send the package the next business day.

During the promotional campaigns, the shipping time time may be extended.

Yes. Choose the shipping abroad option and select the country. The order is shipped via DPD courier. The delivery time depends on the country - on average, it is between 2 and 5 working days.

If you have questions about international shipping write to [email protected]

Detailed costs of abroad shipping check on:

Complains and returns

You can find the return procedure at:

You can find complaint procedure at:

Send us an e-mail at [email protected] with detailed photos of damaged products and the order number.

After accepting the complaint or receiving the returned products, we will make a return as soon as possible. Not longer than 7 working days.

You will be informed about the package shipment by e-mail. You will also find the tracking number in this message. Depending on the selected provider, enter the code in the appropriate place on their website.


Mistero Milano products are created by specialists. The safety of our customers is the most important for us. The product ingredients are selected to minimize the risk of allergies. An adverse reaction to any of the ingredients may occur when talking about a particularly sensitive person or an individual with significantly damaged nail plate, but such reports occur in less than 1% of our customers.

We make every effort to ensure that the colors we present are an exact reflection of the color from the bottle. We also try to present the color on the nails, which makes it much easier to choose the perfect one. Please take into account that the ideal color presentation depends on many aspects, for example, different monitor settings.

Our gel lacquers are available in 2 capacities: 6ml and 11ml. Some colors can also be purchased in a 3ml samples. The 6ml bottle is enough for about 19 stylizations (with medium-long nails and 1 layer of the product). The 11ml bottle is enough for about 34 stylizations (with medium-long nails and 1 layer of the product).

Yes, just remember to remove the dispersion layer of the base before applying the classic nail polish. The stylization made in this way will not, however, be as durable as the one made entirely with gel lacquer.

Yes, but never the other way round. The base product must be the hardest otherwise the stylization will crack.

If you are looking for a mass bit, you should choose one with a safe shape - a rounded tip and no sharp edges.

The first cuticle bit should be in the shape of a rounded, not too wide and not too narrow cone - with its help you can clean the plate and lift the cuticles.

A rounded roller or a medium-sized ball with medium gradation will be perfect for removing cuticles and smoothing the nail shafts.

Mistero Milano products are manufactured in the European Union.

We recommend to start your adventure with Mistero Milano with the Flexi Base - it is a great base product which, thanks to its flexibility, works well with the natural nail plate, ensuring styling durability up to 4 weeks. Medium thick consistency will allow for convenient application of the product.

If your nail plate is "problematic" and you have a problem with maintaining the stylization for the guaranteed period of time, we recommend to give a chance to Expert Base or Milky Expert Base - bases with a complex of polyamide fibers that harden the nail plate and guarantee great adhesion.

Each brand has its own innovative solutions for stylization procedures, so it involves a high risk when combining products of different brands. Mistero Milano offers high-class technologically advanced products, combining them with other lines may not bring the expected results. Mistero Milano line is the latest generation of acid-free products and therefore it is not recommended to combine them with acid products. The line of products preparing the nail plate includes two preparations (STANDARD prep, Primer STANDARD), which perfectly harmonize with each other and hold the acrylic or gel material very well on the natural nail plate without damaging it. Only the use of these two preparations during the nail extension procedure gives a full guarantee of its durability. Cleaner DETERGENTE has been designed to allow for the maximum shine of the last layer of the applied gel (using products of other brands you will not get the maximum effect). The acrylic mass has perfect self-leveling properties only with the use of Mistero Milano monomer and polymer. If, despite everything, it is necessary to combine products of different brands, it is possible to:

• combine the acid-free line to the acid-free line

• mix color gels

• mix color acrylic

• use various gels and topcoats to finish the stylization

3-phase ESPERTO gel, due to its high density and durability of the cured gel mass, is ideal for working on a form. It gives amazing comfort of work even when styling very long nails. This is due to its very thick consistency (jelly), which makes the gel "stand still" and not spread on the form. 3-phase ESPERTO gel is not suitable for embedding ornaments. It should be poured on the form as the first layer, creating the structure of the extended nail.

As the name suggests, a 1-phase gel is used to perform one styling phase, i.e. the base, construction or finishing layer. The 1-phase gel line includes:

• base gels

• building gels

• top gels

• white gels

• color gels

The 3-phase gel is a universal styling prep., suitable for all layers of a stylized nail:

1) base

2) construction

3) top

Depending on the density and color, gels may have additional values (clear, pink, blue)

When considering which Mistero Milano gel is best for french, you should first divide them according to their purpose. The best gel to make French on a form is PERFETTO white gel - a thin consistency, perfectly leveling and heavily pigmented. Thanks to it, after one, even very thin layer, the tip of the nail shines with a beautiful, white shade. The great advantage of PERFETTO white gel is the ease with which it can be cured in a lamp.

The use of gel and the choice of the best one depends on the stylist's assumptions and the intended result. NATURALE pink cover gel is a masking gel with a natural color and medium-thick consistency, designed to best reflect the natural nail bed. Thanks to the reduced self-leveling properties NATURALE gel gives you full control over stylization. It is perfect for working on a form. MEDIO beige cover gel with a medium-thick consistency and a warm beige color is suitable for those expecting a natural look of their nails. A well-thought-out composition of the gel allows you to use it both as a cover masking the nail bed, as well as a builder gel to work on a form. SCURO Pink Cover Gel is a building cover gel with a medium-thick consistency and a dark pink color. Due to its color, SCURO gel is suitable for individuals with a dark complexion. A well-thought-out composition of the gel allows you to use it both as a cover masking the nail bed and as a builder gel to work on a form. LUMINOSO is a masking gel with a medium-thick consistency and a light shade, designed for individuals with fair complexion. The innovative FS (Flexible Structure) system ensures the unique flexibility of the gel, thanks to which it does not crack and does not chip off the nail plate.

It is the best to use construction gels of medium-thick consistency (ESPERTO 1-phase transparent gel, ESPERTO 1-phase pink gel). After pouring one layer, put in it the elements to be flooded (glitter, broth, shell, etc.), then cure it in the lamp and cover it with a thin layer of gel. Finally, level the "C" curve with the third layer.

Gel lacquer is a professional product - there are many truths about it and even more myths, not only in the environment of the end customer visiting the salon, but also in the environment of stylists. Gel lacquer consists of film-forming POLYMERS. What are POLYMERS? They are molecular chemicals that are made up of units called mers. Gel lacquer has a PHOTOINITIATOR, which under the influence of UV light binds loose particles of the formula into closely bonded polymers, thanks to which a durable, adhesive, solidified layer is formed on the nail. Currently on the market there are 3 main formulas under the concept of GEL LACQUERS:

1. Classic type containing a PHOTOINITIATOR,

2. Gel-polish (available in various proportions),

3. A SOAK-OFF gel, the density of which allows it to be applied like a gel lacquer. These formulas are slightly different from each other and behave slightly different during the treatment.

Gel lacquers should be cured 30-60 in a UV / LED lamp or 120 seconds in a UV lamp. We can never cure it longer because it cures faster, becomes a gel and begins to chip off. In order to prevent chipping off, remember about the following:

• do not shorten the nail when treatment is finished (do not open the free edge),

• do not perform a spa manicure treatment before applying gel lacquer

• do not put paraffin on hands before and after applying gel lacquer,

• when paint one or two nails, put only one or two nails into the lamp so as not to cure too much the rest of already cured nails.

According to the Act on Cosmetics (WE / 1223/2009), no cosmetic product marketed in the European Union may be tested on animals.

It all depends on the stylist herself. Does he prefer to work fast or slowly, what are his manual skills? We recommend using gels with a thick, self-leveling consistency and a cover type. The thick consistency will allow you to work a bit longer, the leveling consistency will even out the surface and the color will help you feel the amount of product on the nail. Recommended gels: Simple shape, Luminoso, Baby pink, Milky, Candy pink. The last three are characterized by thixotropy, which additionally facilitates the work. The gel is self-leveling when we work with it, when we stop it does not flow and does not change its shape.

First of all, to the preferences of the stylist when it comes to shape. Many stylists like working on boat-type files, because on the one hand they are straight and they can be used to file perfectly straight edges, and on the other hand, they are rounded, which will work great in the cuticle zone. Read our blog post to help you choose the perfect file.

In Mistero Milano, most of the hybrid bases can be used with the greatest success also for gel styling. We make sure that our products facilitate the work of stylists, and that they do not have to "clog drawers and chests" with another base product 😉 Bases that are multi-task: Flexi base (you can also stick rhinestones on it), expert base (milky and clear), cover bases . However, remember to apply a minimum amount of them and rub it into the nail plate before curing.

The best solution will be to choose a hard polymer. At Mistero Milano we have a wide range of different gels. We present the hardest ones, which are perfect for long constructions depending on their consistency: Rare - Indurente ultra led Medium sound - Milky Jelly - Cover naturale

To get the perfect babyboomer you need: a sponge with small pores (it can be used for makeup), a clothes roller or a sticky nail form to get rid of all the lint from the sponge and a thick, highly pigmented white gel. Perfetto gel or paint art will be perfect here. Creator white. Tip: try not to shade in one layer and use a lot of the product. Gradually shade to obtain a satisfying effect. Better to add a second layer than more product to the sponge.

For thin and damaged nail plate, we recommend the Flexi Base. 9496 or Perfect Color Rubber Base 1296. These bases, thanks to their flexible formula, will perfectly cooperate with the damaged nail plate and protect it against further injuries.

Fast Gel is a single-phase gel in a brush, so there is no need to use a base under it. It can be used both with and without the base. The gel in the brush is perfect as an additional reinforcement of the natural nail plate for hybrid gel polish.


For removing hybrid nails, we recommend delicate conical cutters with a red stripe, such as the ceramic nail drill art. 7092, carbide cutter art. 7094, or 7096.


Użycie primera kwasowego powinno być uzasadnione wyjątkową sytuacją. Zalecamy używać go tylko wówczas gdy mamy do czynienia z bardzo tłustą płytką paznokcia, oraz tendencją do nad potliwości dłoni. Primer kwasowy w bardzo mocny sposób wytrawia powierzchnię płytki paznokcia, dlatego nie jest zalecane jego regularne stosowanie.

For gel extensions, we recommend using Mineral Base. 1324, Colorless Expert Base 1096, or in the milky shade 1095. For hybrid styling, we recommend the Flexi Base 9496, Cover Lover bases, or Perfect Color Bases.

Simple Shape Gel is a highly self-leveling gel, its consistency is quite thin. This is especially helpful when you are working with method without nailfile. Tixologic series are gels with memory, their consistency is thicker and allows you to precisely build up to 5 nails at one time, because after applying it to the nail plate, it does not change its position and does not run off the cuticles.


To become our instructor, you must contact the main brand instructor - Iwona Kiwacka - Majerczyk at [email protected]. She will verify your skills and make decisions about our further cooperation.