For the love of nature


Respecting the importance of the natural environment in the lives of all of us and taking action to protect our planet is not a trend anymore, it has become a great necessity. The current state of pollution on Earth is appalling. The seas and oceans are no longer a space for animals and plants, as they are filled with tons of plastic and industrial pollution. What is more, irresponsible rainfall management has degraded terrestrial soil and is also a major contributor to biodiversity loss.



Small steps lead to big changes

Bearing in mind the good of the world around us and all of us, Mistero Milano as one of the leading players in the beauty industry on the European market, is not indifferent to dynamic changes, and most importantly, the company is pleased to be a part of them. From the very beginning of our company's existence, we had one goal in mind - we want you - our loyal customers - to create changes for the better with us. We are aware that responsible consumers are those who, out of concern for our planet, choose brands that promote pro-ecological activities, therefore we systematically introduce a number of changes that allow us to enter a higher level of care for our planet.


Mistero Milano changes for you!

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we plant forests as part of the action forest forever

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we support animals

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we use recycled materials

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our products are vegan

In response to the needs of the changing world, we regularly introduce a number of solutions that are consistent with the idea of nature caring. We use an ecological packaging, which means that we are able to significantly reduce the consumption of plastic and other raw materials. In our offices and workshops, we consciously segregate waste, and using the benefits of digitization, we reduce the need for printing to a minimum.

we have reduced the use of paper by as much as 320 tons per year

fillings in our packages are 100% biodegradable

caps on our gel lacquers come from 100% recycling

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The fight is not just about us

Due to environmental protection, we want not only to change within our brand, but also to support organizations that help animals and the environment. As a family brand in Podkarpacie, we are not indifferent to the problems affecting the Bieszczady forests. To support the WWF Foundation, our company undertook the virtual care of the Carpathian Four. This symbolic step significantly contributes to the improvement of the quality of animals' life, but most of all saves endangered species. So far, we have also managed to provide support by establishing permanent cooperation, among others with the Foundation 'Las na Forever', as well as with the Podkarpackie Shelter for homeless animals Kundelek.

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Join the fight for the environment!

If you are wondering what steps you can take to save endangered species of plants and animals, we have some tips for you:

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Sort your rubbish with the division into metals and plastics, paper, as well as glass packaging and biodegradable waste.

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Save energy. Never forget to turn off the lights and equipment that you are not currently using.

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Remember about proper cosmetics storage, it will allow you to preserve their usefulness for longer, and thus reduce waste generation.

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Recycle! Do you know that the filling inside the boxes in which we pack your orders, after dissolving in water, can be safely used as a fertilizer for your plants?

That's not all, there are many challenges ahead of us, we will surely face them in near future. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can change for you and for the environment, be sure to let us know!

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