Dust-free cotton pads are an irreplaceable product, indispensable in every nail salon, facial cosmetics, as well as in medicine and dentistry as a dressing for small wounds. Mistero Milano cellulose cotton pads (dust-free cotton pads) are perfect for wiping the dispersion layer of hybrid varnishes or other treatments that cleanse the nail plate and prepare it for nail styling treatments. They do not leave any dust or traces after abrasion. The uniform structure and reinforced edges of the tampons make the product dust-free and highly absorbent.

Mistero Milano dust-free cotton pads are made of high-quality, thick lignin, so they do not tear or fray. The reinforced layer also prevents delamination during treatment. Properly etched fibers of the cotton pads ensure comfortable work, leaving no dust on the washed surface. The optimal number of cotton pad layers guarantees high efficiency - the cotton pads soak in much slower and at the same time absorb liquids well. They are ideal for washing the sticky layer of gel, removing nail polish and for use during manicure treatments.

The convenient roll-shaped packaging contains 500 pieces of twelve-layer cotton pads, easily detached thanks to perforation.

The safety of Mistero Milano products is supervised by a certified team of experts in the Safety of Cosmetics and Household Chemistry. The information contained in the product card is accurate and true. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is not responsible for the storage, transport and use of the product if it is other then intended. Mistero Milano products are intended for professional use by certified nail stylists. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specification. Shades of products may vary depending on production party.

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