Gel nail extensions are not losing popularity. Thanks to nail gels, you will extend your nails and give them the desired shape. For proper gel styling you will need professional brushes adapted to this method, which will accelerate and facilitate the achievement of the intended effect.




Gel brush oval 5 is designed for the gel method. It was made of high-quality synthetic, elastic bristles. The oval, contoured shape facilitates the correct application of the gel, especially at the cuticles. Proper impregnation of the bristles during the production process ensures its long life. The brush cap will keep the bristles protected and hygienically stored. Gel brush oval 5' is characterized by a beautiful appearance and solid workmanship. Both the cap and the handle are made of metal in a fashionable rose gold color. Brushes will be an indispensable tool but also a beautiful addition to your salon.




The best way to care for bristles and keep their shape is proper hygiene and storage. Each time after using the brush, clean the bristles in a hybrid or gel top, and then wipe its excess with a lint-free wipe. Always use the cap provided to prevent deformation of the bristles.


Brush size 5, bristle length 8mm, width 5mm. Brush length 14 cm, length of brushes with a plug 16 cm.

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