Forms for extending nails are an absolute salon necessity. Thanks to them, you can easily and quickly, without the use of tips, make a delicate nail extension as well as avant'garde lengths - up to 22 mm from the free edge (size 7). Forms can also be used as a rescue for a cracked or broken nails. Our forms perfectly adhere to the nail - they do not come off during work thanks to the use of very strong and at the same time delicate and non-allergenic glue. Made of high-quality laminated paper with high elasticity - they do not tear or crumple. So you can safely form a tunnel for as long as you like.




The forms have an auxiliary grid that makes it easy to create both almond and square extensions. The wide sides facilitate the formation of the nail. The aesthetic appearance of the forms and the pleasant, powder-pink color will please both the eyes of the stylist and the client.


Recommended for all types of styling - you can use them with hybrids, gel and acrylic.


The package contains 100 pcs of forms in sheets of 6 pcs.

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How to use Use the form for extensions or to repair nail plate in any styling technique.