MY FANTASY BOX nail glitter set consists of 6 phenomenal jars filled to the brim with various glitter and sparkle effects. A set of nail decorations that will allow you to create festival stylizations that will be perfect for evening outfits and for the New Year's Eve and carnival season. The set includes 6 color nail glitters of various sizes. The various shape and size of the particles allow them to be easily adapted to any type of nail plate. Such a universal set of hybrid glitters will create decorations full of shine straight from Hollywood.




Glitter nails are a trend that will delight all jewelry lovers. Glitter nails will add some extraordinary chic to any everyday manicure.  You will be unable to take your eyes off them. Combine nail glitters boldly in various configurations. Apply them to all or only selected nails, depending on the desired effect. The bling bling effect on your nails will replace even the most beautiful jewelry set. Nail glitters are extremely delicate and thin, which means that after applying them to the nails and securing them with a top, they are practically imperceptible, which significantly improves the comfort of wearing.


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