Autoclave sterilization pouches are the basis of your daily salon work. Sterile tools prove your sensible approach to nail stylization and compliance with the rules of occupational health and safety. Self-adhesive paper and foil bags are designed for sterilization and storage of scissors, nippers, cutters and other tools used in nail stylization.


Autoclave sterilization should be performed each time the instrument is used. Autoclavable sterilization bags will not change the properties of the sterilized items and will not affect their quality. They are made of very durable plastic. They do not require the use of welding devices because they have a tight, self-adhesive closure.




There is a chemical indicator on the factory seal line with information about the indicator color before and after the sterilization process. This helps in the quick and very intuitive use of instrument sterilization pouches.


Autoclave sterilization bags are packed in collective packages of 200 pieces, which will allow you to replenish your necessary stock for a long time. Nail instrument sterilization pouches are very durable and tear-resistant. Their tight closure gives you the certainty that the entire sterilization process is flawless. For the comfort of use, the information on the indicators has been made in Polish.

The safety of Mistero Milano products is supervised by a certified team of experts in the Safety of Cosmetics and Household Chemistry. The information contained in the product card is accurate and true. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is not responsible for the storage, transport and use of the product if it is other then intended. Mistero Milano products are intended for professional use by certified nail stylists. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specification. Shades of products may vary depending on production party.

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