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Meet and learn Mistero Milano

Mistero Milano - professional gel lacquers

Our products are a real breakthrough in the world of nail styling! They are directed to Professionals who choose proven, durable and effective solutions. Therefore, in our offer you will find only the highest quality products, thanks to which you will create a one-of-a-kind manicure and pedicure. In addition to the phenomenal palette of over 200 color gel lacquers, we also offer bases and tops, gel and acrylic systems and other auxiliary preparations for professional stylizations.

Gel lacquers

Our gel lacquers, as well as other nail products, use the latest chemical technology. Each of our gel lacquer undergoes a process of tests and analyzes to make sure that the product will meet the expectations of even the most demanding stylists. Are you wondering if our gel lacquers cause allergies? The gel lacquers we offer are hypoallergenic and safe for health, created using tested and reliable formulas. The safety of Mistero Milano products is supervised by a certified team of experts in the field of Cosmetics Safety and Household Chemicals.

Thanks to modern technology, Mistero Milano gel lacquers stay on the nails for up to 3 weeks. The durability of the hybrid manicure allows you to enjoy the perfect stylization without chipping it off or scratching. Mistero Milano gel lacquers have a certified and tested formula! Hybrid manicure saves time and is incredibly durable, ensuring a flawless appearance of the nails, regardless of the activities performed.

We do our best to make sure that the colors of gel lacquers will meet the most diverse tastes. We keep the lights on, follow the fashion shows of the greatest designers and follow the trends, adapting our latest collections to them.

High quality gel lacquers are durable, their coverage is unique, their colors are beautiful and, above all, they are safe - we try to meet all these requirements and create perfect and reliable products.

A reliable partner for long-lasting stylization! The choice of a million nail stylists.

Bases and tops

Color gel lacquers are not everything! We cannot forget about the products that protect the durability and ensure a flawless finish of our nail designs. Hybrid bases and tops for gel lacquers are indispensable products to create a long-lasting hybrid manicure.

Hybrid Manicure

Hybrid manicure is a treatment loved by millions of women around the world. We do our best to make it pure pleasure, to make sure that the use of gel lacquers cause absolutely no problems. If you are starting your adventure with hybrid manicure, check out our ready-made sets, they will allow you to stock up on all the necessary units to create your own stylizations. If you need to complete your set, our offer includes all the necessary accessories for a hybrid manicure:

- UV Led lamps,

- nail accessories,

- nail bits,

- brushes

- nail jewelry

- nail stamps

- nail dusts

Test it and discover Milanese secret of beautiful stylizations with us!

Nail stylization

Are you a fan of good style, attention to detail is your middle name? Discover new inspirations and fall in love with beautiful, stylish nails. Check out our ideas for nails in the Stylizations tab. Stay up to date with our blog entries - you will find there both step-by-step tutorials as well as information about the latest trends and guide that will allow you to learn the products and eliminate mistakes in nail styling.


Gel nails are one of the most popular nail styling methods. Gel provides durability, allows you to extend your nails and obtain the desired shape. In our offer you will find products that suit different preferences. They are suitable for beginners and advanced nail stylists. Easy-to-work-out and perfect in consistency base gels will ensure your stylization durability. Builder gels are perfect for nail extensions, the offer includes both clear products and those in natural shades of pink and beige. 1-phase gels, or 3 in 1 - perfect for beginners.

Mistero Milano's offer includes top gels, color gels and gels for nail art: spider gel, gel paste, gel paint, pigment gel. Thanks to the extensive offer, you will be able to create gel nails step by step.

For fans of innovative solutions, we also have a system that speeds up work and is an ideal solution for those who cannot decide on acrylic or gel.


Acrylgels are gaining popularity among nail stylists. The formula of the product is perfect for everyday salon work, what is more, that product can be used as a training one as well. The consistency of the product facilitates the technique of nail extension, significantly accelerating it. For individuals who want to try this system of work, we have prepared dedicated nail sets.

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