Nail art

Is the color on your nails only the beginning of your styling? Do you love sparkle, unusual shapes or jewelry? Regardless of whether you are just starting your styling adventure or creating advanced decorations - you are in the right place!

Nail decorations will liven up any styling and attract millions of glances! You can freely choose from nail pollen and flakes, self-adhesive stickers and decorative threads, Swarovski crystals or cute freckles. For the most demanding stylists, we offer our Nailart system, consisting of acrylic and watercolor paints. The variety of uses for nail decorations allows you to create unique styling elements. Just choose your favorite effect and surprise everyone with your mani!

Nail stamps

Nail stamps are a quick and easy way to create complex decorations in just a few moments. You don't have a good hand, is nail art abstract to you? Choose a stamping plate with your dream patterns, paint your dream pattern with stamping gel and use the stamp to transfer the pattern to the nail plate, secure the whole thing with a hybrid top coat and that's it! The number of possibilities and patterns of nail stamps will stun you.

Nail stickers

Another undemanding nail decoration that will take your styling to another dimension. Self-adhesive, beautiful patterns in gold and rose gold will delight you, and the easy application of nail stickers and the amazing effect will make you unable to imagine nail styling without them.

Nail rhinestones

Are you a magpie and like to shine? Nail rhinestones are the perfect choice for you. The cubic zirconia decoration will add elegance and luxury. Stick one or... cover the entire nail with crystals - wow effect guaranteed.

Nail powders

Every nail styling fan loves the mermaid effect. Nail powders have become very popular and have expanded their family. The rainbow effect, pearls or the latest hit unicorn effect will enhance the styling, giving it an extraordinary shine.

Acrylic paints and watercolor nail paints

Acrylic nail paints are a product for more experienced nail stylists. They allow you to paint various patterns on your nails. They have intense and durable colors that can be freely mixed.

Watercolor nail paints allow you to create ethereal, blurred, usually floral patterns.

In the nail decorations category you will also find nail freckles, nail caviar and nail decoration threads.

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