Nail powders

Nail powders allow you to create an original styling in just a few seconds! This is an easy and quick decorating method that you can use when you don't have time for complicated patterns or when you are just starting your styling adventure. Chameleon, mermaid or holo nail effects have never been so easy to create! All you have to do is apply the dust as intended on the top no wipe or dispersion layer of nail polish to completely change the entire styling in an instant. Let yourself be noticed!

The MERMAID effect is one of the most popular trends in nail styling. This is a nail powder that will make even the simplest styling look stunning! Thanks to the mermaid effect, you will create a delightful, multi-colored surface. The powder is available in various colors and looks completely different on each color of varnish!

The UNICORN effect is magical, finely ground dust that will change any of your styling. Depending on the foundation you apply, you can achieve various, stunning effects. Be amazed by the multi-colored dimension of unicorn pollen!

The GLITTER effect is a perfect proposition for all women who love to shine and stand out in the crowd. It is a finely ground glitter dust that gives your styles an extraordinary shine. A decoration on one nail is enough to turn a boring manicure into a unique composition! GLITTER powders are available in five striking shades that allow you to achieve amazing effects.

The RAINBOW effect is a proposition for women who love subtle yet eye-catching styles! The rainbow effect is an extraordinary, finely ground nail powder that allows you to obtain on your nails the effect of particles sparkling with millions of colors, shimmering in the sunlight.

The PEARL effect is a proposition for women who choose subtle and charming styles. This is an extraordinary, finely ground nail dust that gives your nails an original shine, imitating the glow of a real pearl.

The NEON DUST effect is a perfect proposition for dynamic and energetic women who are not afraid of intense colors! These are finely ground pigments with highly saturated, neon colors.

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