Color hybrids

Color reflects your mood, color is your personality, color is something you know well and at the same time something you can rediscover. Color leads to change and sometimes even revolution. Yes! This is the guiding principle that accompanies us when creating each new collection of hybrid varnish colors. Thanks to this, in our color palette you will find yourself, or maybe a new you? You will definitely discover new inspirations and find a color that will make you feel better in your own skin. Formula innovations and highly concentrated pigments of our colorful hybrid varnishes provide excellent coverage and incredible color durability and shine. The nail polishes are completely safe for health - their safety is supervised by a certified team of experts in the safety of cosmetics and household chemicals. Our hybrid nail polishes are a collection of over 200 stunning colors, closed in elegant bottles. Choose boldly between subtle pastels, energizing neons or elegant and timeless reds. Are you going on a date? Choose romantic roses. Are you getting ready for a weekend out of town? Make your nails green or flowery! When choosing "that one" color, you are only limited by your imagination! Discover an endless palette of hybrid nail polishes in the most fashionable colors of the season!

Hybrid color

Hybrid nail polishes are used to perform hybrid manicure using a UV/LED lamp. Styling made with hybrid varnish is durable and resistant to mechanical damage. How to use hybrid varnish - to create a styling with hybrid varnish, you will need a cleaner, a hybrid base, a hybrid top and a UV/LED lamp.

Hybrid nail polishes are a combination of classic nail polish and nail gel; it is a light-curing product. A manicure made with hybrid varnishes lasts from 2 to 3 weeks.

Ombre nails

What nail colors should you choose? There are no limits in this matter, the colors of hybrid varnishes can be mixed to create multi-colored, fashionable nails. Ombre nails are a combination of two, three or even four hybrid colors. Light ombre nails, i.e. a combination of pastel shades of hybrid varnishes creates a fashionable gradient on the nails. How to make ombre on your nails? It's simple - just choose the appropriate colors of hybrid nail polishes and gently shade them with an ombre brush or an ombre sponge. Blending the colors of hybrid varnishes in one tone allows for perfect shading without color cut-off.

HEMA FREE hybrid nail polishes

Hema Free hybrid nail polishes are products free from Hema and Di-Hema, which were created for people who value both the excellent creamy consistency and the full safety of the ingredients used in their production. The ingredients Hema and Di-Hema are potentially irritating, so we decided to eliminate them to provide you with nail polishes that are both safe and effective. Additionally, it has excellent adhesion to the nail plate, ensuring durability and resistance to damage. The Hema Free line is the perfect choice for those who want beautiful nails without sacrificing their healthy appearance.

Hybrid nails

Commonly called "hybrid nail art" among manicure fans, it is nothing more than nails painted with hybrid varnish and hardened in a UV/LED lamp. One of the most frequently chosen cosmetic treatments in beauty salons. Hybrid nails allow you to enjoy a beautiful and durable hybrid manicure for up to 3 weeks. The color of hybrids in the Mistero Milano offer is constantly expanded to include the latest nail trends.
Nails 2022 trends

Trends in hybrid manicure change every year, not only the type of decorations but also the colors of hybrids. In the fashion canon, color trends change every season, and the same applies to hybrid manicure. In autumn, strong, expressive shades of brown, red and burgundy return. The colors of the hybrids on the nails emphasize and complement the styling, adding charm and class to it. The most frequently chosen hybrid colors in autumn 2022 are pastel browns in delicate earthy tones. Classic burgundy or grassy greens that perfectly emphasize oversized styles.
New Year's Eve nails 2022

What nail colors should you choose for New Year's Eve? This season, hybrid colors with the addition of delicate glitter particles that shine like headlights will dominate. Silver nails for New Year's Eve are as classic as the "little black dress". Silver nails will highlight any New Year's look. What nails to wear with a red dress? Red nails with gold accents will certainly highlight the styling in this color, they will look elegant and chic.

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