What is hema and Di-hema in UV gel polish?

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What is hema and Di-hema in UV gel polish?

In the beauty industry, it is extremely important to pay attention to cosmetic ingredients. Regardless of whether you deal with styling nails professionally or you do them only on yourself, you have certainly heard about the concept of hema and di-hema. What does it mean? Should hems be feared? Is hema and di-hema in hybrids dangerous to health? What UV gel polishes  are without hema? And are the quality and durability comparable to others? The following article will help you solve all doubts and explain in detail what hema free is.


Hema and di-hema in UV gel polishes and UV gels


Hydroxyethylmethacrylate, or HEMA for short, is a chemical compound from the group of acrylates. It is a derivative of acrylic acid which transforms from a monomer into a polymer when reacted with light. This chemical compound in UV gel polishes and UV gels has a binding function, makes the gel polish hard and resistant to mechanical damage when exposed to light. In addition to the nail industry, hema is also used, for example, in dentistry and in the optical industry. Due to the fact that haemas and di-haemas are classified as heptanes, which means that their molecular weight is low, they can penetrate the skin's hyrdolipid barrier when in contact with the skin. As a result, it can lead to irritation, water bubbles and other allergic reactions. However, is the risk of the above-mentioned symptoms really high, and are hema and di-hema harmful to health?




Are hema and di-hema in hybrids dangerous?


Hema is a legal and safe substance, but products that contain any of these ingredients are intended only for professional use and must have such markings. Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament covers this topic more extensively. Hema and di-hema become dangerous to health and skin when the procedure is not performed to the appropriate standard. This happens when a too thick layer of gel polish is not properly cured, or the product does not polymerize sufficiently due to a too weak UV / LED lamp or one that no longer works at its full power. In addition, improper distribution of the product on the surface of the nail, which causes the gel polish to flow onto the cuticles, significantly increases the risk of allergic reactions. The case considered above concerns healthy people, in whom allergies are generally absent. However, the situation is different in the case of people prone to allergies.




UV gel polishes without hema and di-hema - for whom?


Hema free UV gel polishes have been created for people whose sensitive and allergy-prone skin is prone to allergies. If you have been allergic to classic hybrids so far, you can confidently reach for gel polishes developed without the use of hema and di-hema. The use of hema free gel polishes significantly minimizes the risk of undesirable effects. In addition, hema free gel polishes do not circulate in any way in terms of quality from classic hybrids. If you are wondering which nail polishes to choose, we have great news for you. Mistero Milano comes to you with the newest MAKE ME FREE collection which is entirely based on the hema free formula.



Mistero Miano Hema-free UV gel polishes


The MAKE ME FREE collection of UV gel polishes from Mistero Milano is a safe formula without the need to use hema and di-hema in their compositions. Hma free gel polihes are products that do not differ in quality from classic nail polishes. Their consistency is slightly creamy, which increases the comfort of application of the product without fear of flooding the skin and unevenly distributed color. Hema free UV gel polishes have been developed in such a way that their durability and adhesion to the nail plate is extremely high. The Make Me Free collection includes several dozen gel polishes, the color of which will allow you to supplement your trunk with classic shades that every stylist works on a daily basis. Among them there are delicate semi-transparent beige, pure white, several shades of red - including phenomenal burgundy and shades with glitter. In addition, the collection of hema free gel polihes also includes pastel colors and timeless classics such as bottle green, cobalt or fuchsia. In addition, the gel polishes also use the Solvent Free formula, which allowed for the exclusion of solvents in their composition. This allows for longer preservation of the exceptional vitality of the products while maintaining the most comfortable consistency. The creamy consistency of Make Me Free UV gel polishes allows for full coverage with two thin layers of the product.


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What is hema and Di-hema in UV gel polish?

In the beauty industry, it is extremely important to pay attention to cosme...

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