We know that you pay great attention to the quality and functionality of the tools you work with. Therefore, in response to your needs, we have prepared a complete system of accessories and nail styling tools. Not only will they make your daily work easier, but they will also serve you for a long time, maintaining their properties.

Our offer includes all nail products necessary to perform a perfect manicure, such as high-quality files and polishers, a wide range of brushes, professional and safe cutters and tools made of hardened steel such as scissors, nippers and tweezers. Reliable and safe UV/LED lamps are also an indispensable tool when performing a manicure, allowing you to quickly harden hybrid varnish or gel.

Nail drills

Nail drills will help you remove gel or hybrid styling efficiently. They are also necessary for proper and precise preparation of cuticles and mass during styling. The offer includes the highest quality cutters for various purposes and gradations that will allow you to perform a proper manicure.

Nail polishers and files

Nail files and polishes are accessories necessary to properly perform nail styling treatments. Mistero Milano files are a combination of great material and a favorable price. Our offer includes grit sizes from 80 to 400 and several convenient file shapes. Nail files are available in 3 series: Basic, Standard and Mylar.

Nail brushes

Nail brushes will be essential when performing gel, acrylic or nail art styling. A wide range of brushes made of the best materials - natural and synthetic bristles and natural wood ensure long life and countless decorating possibilities. From nail extensions, French, ombre, to one stroke.

Led/UV lamps for nails

The UV/LED lamps offered by Mistero Milano are professional and safe equipment that allows you to harden both hybrid varnishes and gels. The offer includes a large 48W UV/LED lamp - with a display and motion sensor, with as many as 36 diodes and a low heat system. And a 24W UV/LED lamp with 18 diodes which, thanks to foldable legs, can be used while traveling.

In the nail tools category you will find nail clippers, scissors, tweezers necessary for the work of a nail stylist.

In the nail accessories category you will also find cosmetic accessories, such as neat aprons and towels, which will not only help you maintain hygiene in the workplace but can also become part of its decor. You will also find gloves, dust-free cotton pads, nail stencils and wooden sticks.

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