Cover gels are an absolute must-have for every nail stylist. These are universal nail gels - they can be used to build and some to extend the nail plate, but above all, they are perfect for masking any imperfections on the nail. Thanks to their pigmentation, they make work much easier, especially with French or babyboomer styling. They are perfect for beginners because you can clearly see whether you are spreading the material evenly and where there is too much or too little of it (difference in coverage).


NATURALE masking cover gel is a new generation product of the highest quality. It is a nail gel with a thick, non-leveling consistency and a color that perfectly reflects the nail bed. The beautiful, pink-beige shade closely resembles the color of a natural nail. NATURALE nail gel is ideal for camouflaging the shortcomings of the nail plate - it perfectly masks any discolorations, injuries and deformations of the nails. The universal use allows you to use cover NATURALE gel as a gel masking the nail bed as well as a building gel for working on a stencil. The gel is incredibly adhesive, thanks to which the stylings are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage - they do not crack and remain air-free.


Thanks to its non-leveling properties, NATURALE gel gives you full control over styling. It is perfect for placing the bearing in a construction french or any other style when we need to have absolute control over the product. NATURALE gel is especially recommended for creating long, extremely durable structures. It grips perfectly and holds its shape, allowing you to quickly and easily build a nail with a perfect C curve. The acid-free formula of the NATURALE gel means that it can be used even by people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies. NATURALE nail gel has color stabilizers and UV filters that eliminate the risk of yellowing, and the microparticle pigment does not leave streaks.


Cures in the UV system for 120 seconds and in the LED system for 15-90 seconds. NATURALE nail gel is available in sizes: 15, 50 g.

The safety of Mistero Milano products is supervised by a certified team of experts in the Safety of Cosmetics and Household Chemistry. The information contained in the product card is accurate and true. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is not responsible for the storage, transport and use of the product if it is other then intended. Mistero Milano products are intended for professional use by certified nail stylists. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specification. Shades of products may vary depending on production party.

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