Are you a blinklover? Do you love glamour and sparkle, while also preferring fast, practical, and versatile solutions? Meet Fast Gel Pink Charm - probably the most glittery gel in a brush on the market! This gel will revolutionize your previous working technique. Why? It provides stunning pearlescent finish for manicure while ensuring maximum work comfort and ultra-durable styling.


Fast Gel Pink Charm is an innovative self-leveling gel in a nail brush, with a medium-thick consistency, milky pink color, and pearlescent particles. The amount of shiny particles in the product has been perfectly balanced, so that the particles spread evenly over the entire painted nail, instead of moving with the brush hair to the free edge. The gel works great both as a solo product in the form of color on nails, as well as for camouflaging nail plate imperfections, masking discolorations, injuries, and distortions on the nail plate. You can also confidently use the gel brush for baby boomer or French-style styling. You can also use gel brush for quick and short nail extensions or simply to strengthen the natural nail plate, as the gel shows greater hardness than other Fast Gel products without particles.


Fast Gel Pink Charm in a brush is an extremely convenient solution. The bottle with a brush significantly shortens and facilitates the time of performing the styling. The brush gel is a one-phase product, which means there is no need to use a base. The soak-off formula allows you to remove the styling without using a file or milling machine. The gel brushes are easily removed from the nail after curing with the help of remover. Fast Gel is a building gel, the self-leveling consistency of which allows for comfortable work without filing. Nail extensions, leveling the plate, masking imperfections - it has never been faster and without the risk of flooding the cuticles. After application, the gel brush makes the styling very durable and resistant to mechanical damage.


Fast Gel Pink Charm in a brush cures in a UV lamp for 120 seconds or LED for 30-90 seconds. The gel can be used with a base rub such as FLEXI Base, which will extend the durability of the styling. Under the gel, you can also use ultra-bonding, acid-free vitamin primer NUTRIENTE.


Fast Gel Pink Charm in a brush is available in a capacity of 12ml.

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How to use

Apply the product to the nail plate with the repair. Cure in a UV lamp for 120 s or LED for 30 - 90 s.