Do you care about  a beautiful hybrid manicure that will delight the eye and at the same time be easy to prepare? Choose ready-made self-adhesive nail stickers. Regardless of whether you are a professional stylist or an amateur at home, nail stickers will be perfect.




White and black ornaments made with great care will allow you to achieve an unprecedented salon effect that you will fall in love with. In the Meadow set you will find 5 unusual designs that will delight you with their unique character and give each styling a beautiful finish. Thanks to them, you can easily and quickly create the desired effect. All you have to do is peel off the selected pattern with a wooden stick or tweezers from a plastic sheet and apply the selected template to a plate covered with a classic, hybrid gel polish, nail conditioner or a clean plate.




Meadow nail art stickers are five unique designs in black and white colors to decorate your manicure. Leafy patterns will surely be used by all ladies who want to change their nails with beautiful spring patterns that can be difficult to make with a nail art brush. Therefore, if you care about beautiful, unconventional stylizations, choose a simple way to achieve it.

Are you looking for a way to decorate that will emphasize your nails? Meadow self-adhesive stickers will be perfect

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How to use

1. Use a pair of tweezers or a wooden cuticle stick to peel off the sticker from the plastic sheet.
2. Apply the sticker on the dry surface of cured UV product that has been already wiped with a cleaner *.
Gently smooth out any air pockets.
3. Depending on the design, apply one or two coats of topcoat. NO WIPE top is recommended**.
* stickers can be used with classic nail polishes and UV gels.
**when using a classic dispersion top coat, it is necessary to apply two layers.