Pedicure is one of the most frequently performed treatments in beauty salons. Feet, as well as hands, are a business card of a woman, so each and every lady should take care of their well-groomed, aesthetic and attractive appearance.




Sanding cap dremel is a popular rotary tool dedicated to professional foot treatments. Used to attach sanding caps (of the same diameter), intended for podiatry, care and therapeutic pedicure. They are perfect for removing keratinized epidermis, calluses, corns and for the care of the metatarsus and fingers. The rubber dremels are made of the highest quality materials that ensure ergonomic and safe use. The advantage of the entire system (dremel + cap) is, above all, easy, fast and extremely comfortable work because, unlike many solutions already available on the market, the caps adhere tightly and stably to the dremel, and at the same time they are extremely easy to remove. The pin is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the dremel itself is made of specially profiled rubber.




The dremel is used to attach sanding caps with a diameter of 13 mm. The diameter of the clamping spindle, which is inserted into the drill machine clamp, is 2.34 mm, which is a standard on the EU market. They fit all drill machines available on the Polish market.


The dremel can be disinfected and even sterilized in an autoclave, with a program set to suit temperature-sensitive components. When using dremel during the procedure, remember to put an sanding cap on it before inserting it into the drill machine.

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How to use

1. Place the appropriate grit sanding cap on the dremel.

2. Install the dremel in the drill machine inlot, then block the inlot.

3. Turn on the drill machine, then start the pedicure.