The transfer foil gives you the opportunity to create stunning stylizations in just a few moments. The world is your oyster, you are limited only by your imagination! Designs with the use of transfer foil can be made both on the entire nail plate as well as on its selected elements.




Holographic transfer foil Holo shape gives an extraordinary optical illusion and multidimensional power of holographic shapes.


Looks very effective and goes well with color gel lacquers and gels. Gives countless possibilities to make beautiful, inventive and unique stylizations. Apply it to a color gel lacquer, cover, milky base or use it as an artistic finish with painted patterns.




The holographic blaze of colors allows you to match the color of the design to the color of stylization. The foil perfectly reflects the light, attracting the eye. The quick and easy application makes the foil one of the favorite nail art methods.


Holo Shape will highlight your stylization, giving it a stunning chic and shine.


For foil application our Sticky Gel (3612) is highly recommended. The combination of a unique gel intended for transfer foil with transfer foil is the only such solution on the market, allows you to have 100% control over the procedure and guarantees stunning effect.


Product dimensions: 150 cm x 4 cm

The safety of Mistero Milano products is supervised by a certified team of experts in the Safety of Cosmetics and Household Chemistry. The information contained in the product card is accurate and true. Nevertheless, the manufacturer is not responsible for the storage, transport and use of the product if it is other then intended. Mistero Milano products are intended for professional use by certified nail stylists. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specification. Shades of products may vary depending on production party.

How to use

1. After preparing the plate for the hybrid manicure treatment, degrease the nails with Nail prep STANDARD (Art. No. 8620)
2. Depending on the type and condition of the plate, apply Primer DELICATO (Art. No. 8601) or Primer STANDARD (Art. No. 8600)
3. Apply a layer of FLEXI Basecoat (Art. No. 9496), then cure in a lamp (UV 120 sec, LED 15-90 sec)*
4. Apply a layer of gel lacquer, cure in a lamp (UV 120 s, LED 30 - 60 s)*, repeat.
5. Apply STICKY GEL (Art. No. 3612/6) to the entire surface of the plate or selectively to the place where you want to transfer the foil. Cure in a lamp (UV 120 s, LED 30 - 60 s).
6. Transfer the foil. If you transfer the foil over the entire surface of the plate, remember to file or buff the free edge of the nail with a file or buffer.
7.Secure with QUICK TOP No Wipe topcoat, ensuring that the free edge of the nail is completely closed, then cure in the lamp (UV 120 s, LED 30 - 90 s).