Delicate nails in the style of milk bath nails

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Delicate nails in the style of milk bath nails

Recently, subtle nails inspired by the milk bath nails trend, i.e. a milk bath full of refined charm, have become increasingly popular. In the article below we describe how to achieve the mentioned effect.

How to make milk bath nails?

Milky hybrid nails are an extraordinary trend that is conquering the world of manicure. These delicate, milky shades on nails resemble milk, giving your hands a subtle and elegant look. To achieve the milky bath nails effect, you can use varnishes in various shades of white or a milky hybrid base.

Which milky nail polish should you choose?

Milk bath nails are characterized by a creamy shade like milk, so to create them you will need an Expert Milky hybrid base or Fast Gel Milky Shaker with a brush. In turn, complementing the styling with delicate flowers on the nails will require pastel hybrid varnishes, such as pink Ego Romance, lavender Smootchie-woochie, or yellow Sjesta. These colors will allow you to create flowers on your nails that will match the spring milk bath trend.

Milky nails with decorations?

When browsing the Internet for hybrid milk bath nails styles, you can notice that floral elements play a key role here. To create milky nails with decorations, it is worth choosing a pastel palette of colorful hybrid varnishes, e.g. Ego Romance, Smootchie-woochie, or Sjesta.

Flowers on nails step by step

If you are wondering how to paint simple flowers on your nails, here is our mini guide:


Step 1. Prepare the nail plate. Give it the desired shape, matt it and push back the cuticles. Apply Nail Prep, Primer and Expert Milky or Fast Gel Milky Shaker, which will harden according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
Step 2. Choose one of the pastel colors and use a thin brush to draw the outlines of the flowers. You can start with simple petals, gradually adding details.
Step 3. Secure the styling with a hybrid top Make Me Glossy and cure in the lamp.
Step 4. Apply nail oil and you're done.

Remember that the key to achieving the perfect result is patience and precision.

Milk bath nails are a perfect choice for people who appreciate delicate, feminine decorations. Discover the charm of milk baths on your nails in the latest nail styling trend.

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