Nail tips - a quick and efficient way to create a beautiful manicure

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Nail tips - a quick and efficient way to create a beautiful manicure

If you dream of long and spectacular nails in just a few moments, and at the same time you value durability and aesthetics, choose gel nail extension tips.


Nail extension tips: what are tips?


TipUp! Gel nails is a product used for nail extensions, which allows you to obtain long and elegant nails in just a few moments without having to grow them naturally.


How to choose the right shape of nail tips?


Choosing the right shape of a nail tip should start with analyzing the natural shape of the nail. If your nails are wide and flat, it will be a good idea to choose rounded nail tips, while if you have a narrow nail plate, square ones will be a better choice. When choosing the shape of transparent gel tips, the client's lifestyle is also important. If she leads an active lifestyle, short and more rounded nails will be more practical, as they will be less susceptible to possible damage than long and pointed shapes.


When choosing the right tip size, start by comparing them. Then match each tip to the appropriate nail, making sure it adheres nicely to the plate. Once you have selected all your sizes, try them on your nails without using glue to make sure your entire hand looks nice. Once you are sure that everything is well matched, start implementing the planned styling.

TipUp! gel nails: for what type of nails?


Colorless gel nails are especially recommended for people with weak and brittle nails who need additional protection and support. In addition, TipUp! They will be perfect for people who want to extend their nails in just a few moments without having to visit a salon, and for influencers who need to frequently change the content on their Instagram. Additionally, if you are a beginner stylist and you are not yet skilled in making gel extensions, choose TipUp nails!


What are the best nail extension tips?


The choice of the best nail extension tips depends on individual preferences, the skills of the stylist, and the client's needs. With a variety of shapes and sizes, you can experiment to find the ones that best meet your expectations.


TipUp! gel nails: what is needed to extend nails with nail tips?


To style using nail tips, you will need TipUp nail glue! Jelly and a file with a grit of 180/240, which will be used to even out the shape and matt the surface of the nail plate before painting the extended nail.


TipUp nail glue! Jelly: How to glue your nails so they don't fall off?

To enjoy a long-lasting and beautiful manicure using nail tips, choose TipUp glue! Jelly. It is characterized by a thick consistency, reminiscent of plasticine, which makes it spread evenly inside the tips. Thanks to this, you will achieve styling without the risk of air bubbles or flooded cuticles. Additionally, the transparent structure of the tips allows the glue used to harden in a UV/LED lamp without any problems, and the tips will fit perfectly to the nail plate and will not slip on its surface.

Nail extension tips TipUp!: how to make gel nails on tips?


Prepare the nail plate and apply a base for styling. Choose the right size and shape of the tip. Apply the appropriate amount of TipUp glue to the matted part of the gel nail tip! Jelly and gently apply it to the nail plate, checking its exact position. Thanks to the matt part in the area where the tip is glued, you do not have to additionally matt the smooth tip before applying the glue. Place your nails in a UV/LED lamp for about 60-120 seconds and cure. Prepare the cuticles and smooth the nails with a 180/240 file. In the next stage, start painting your extended nails with a colorful hybrid varnish.


How to remove TipUp gel nails?


TipUp! Gel nails you can remove them by mechanically filing them with a file or a milling machine, and the remains of TipUp! You can soak the jelly in the remover. After applying the remover, gently clean your nails with a cotton bud to remove any residue. At the end of the treatment, apply nail oil to strengthen and moisturize the nail plate.

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Nail tips - a quick and efficient way to create a beautiful manicure

If you dream of long and spectacular nails in just a few moments, and at th...

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