Reverse french - a new version of the classic manicure

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Reverse french - a new version of the classic manicure

Since people started decorating their nails, many different techniques and designs have been invented. One of the latest trends that is winning the hearts of manicure lovers is the inverted French nail design. This refreshing interpretation of the classic French pattern opens the door to limitless styling possibilities. Let us introduce you to this fascinating trend.

Reverse french - beautiful french manicure


We all know the classic French nail design - a delicate white line painted at the end of the nail plate. Inverted French, also called reverse French, is a modification of this classic style that involves inverting the colors.

French manicure - for whom?


Reverse French manicure is a styling that is perfect for people who want to express their creativity and unique taste through their nails. If you like modern solutions that are elegant and subtle at the same time, this trend will be perfect for you. This style suits both short and long nails, so everyone can find something for themselves.


Classic French manicure


When we talk about classic nail styles, we cannot ignore the iconic classic French manicure. This elegant styling, known for the delicate white tip of the nails and the natural shade of the nail plate, is simply irreplaceable. Despite many new trends, classic French manicure still remains at the peak of popularity, delighting with its subtlety and universality.


One of the greatest advantages of classic French manicure is its universality. It fits perfectly to various nail lengths and finger shapes, which means that every person can enjoy this elegant styling. Regardless of whether you have short, long or medium-length nails, a French manicure will always look great.

Colorful French manicure


Can a classic French manicure be even more exciting? Of course, it is colorful French manicure, which is a bold and modern approach to classic nail styling. Instead of the traditional white tip, you can now experiment with a variety of colors, adding a touch of extravagance and freshness to your nails.


Colorful French manicure opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to express your creativity. You can combine pastel shades for a delicate spring look, choose intense colors for a bold summer manicure, or create harmonious combinations that will be perfect for any occasion. Only your imagination is the limit here.


How to do an inverted French manicure?


Step 1. As with any manicure, it is important to properly prepare your nails. To do this, clean the nails from the previous varnish, level the surface and shape them. Apply Nail Prep Standard and Primer Delicato.
Step 2. Choose your colors! You can be creative, the inverted French hybrid looks great with both pastels and intense colors.
Step 3. Apply one layer, e.g. of a colored hybrid base from the Undress Me collection and cure in the lamp.
Step 4. Using a decorating brush, apply a thin line of varnish in the selected color that will contrast with the base color. Do the same at the bottom of the plate. Harden.
Step 5. Finally, to protect the entire styling, apply a layer of a hybrid top, e.g. Make Me Glossy. This will help extend the durability of your manicure and give it a beautiful shine.

The inverted French style is not only a great way to revive a classic pattern. It allows you to experiment with colors, textures and patterns, creating unique and personalized styles. So don't hesitate to try this trend and create your own unique nails that will express your style. Believe us - it's worth it!

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