Denim blue nails

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Denim blue nails

In fashion, there are colors that will stand the test of time, maintaining their constant charm and popularity over the years. One of them, without a doubt, is denim blue, inspired by the deep shades of jeans, now entering the streets with new energy and freshness. Here's everything you need to know about the denim blue nail trend!


Blue hybrid nails

Among the variety of colors and styles of hybrid nails, blue shades certainly deserve special attention. These subtle, yet elegant colors not only add charm to your nails, but also allow you to refer to denim blue - a shade that has won the hearts of fashion lovers for a reason.

Denim blue is a shade that perfectly combines classic and modern style. Its deep blue color reminds us of our favorite jeans, while adding elegance and style to our hands. This is a perfect alternative to traditional, dark colors that add a bit of intrigue and character to your nails.

Nails for teenagers

For teenagers, the right nail polish colors are those that allow you to express your personality and style, while remaining in line with their age. Light and pastel shades, such as pink, blue or purple, are a popular choice because they are delicate and girly. It is important that your nails are properly cared for, which can be achieved by regularly moisturizing and taking care of the cuticles around your nails.


Denim blue - which hybrid varnish should you choose?

Nail styling in the shade of denim blue offers many possibilities when it comes to selecting the colors of hybrid varnishes. In our styling, we chose a new color from the Make Me Free collection - Make me Sublime, which we combined with Dream of Provance varnish.

Remember that when choosing the color of nail polish for denim blue styling, you can allow yourself to be creative and experiment. It is also worth paying attention to the occasion for which you are preparing your nails and your own preferences. Each of these colors can create a unique, fashionable and beautiful manicure that will highlight your style and personality.

Blue nails - for which styles?

One of the biggest advantages of blue hybrid nails is their versatility. They match many styles and occasions - from a casual outing for coffee with friends, through an elegant dinner, to important business meetings.

When it comes to styling with hybrid blue denim blue on your nails, there are plenty of possibilities. We can choose a classic manicure with a single color or combine it with other favorite colors, such as white, gold or silver. Geometric patterns, stripes and delicate decorations are also fashionable and add even more character to the nails.


Sky blue nails - how to paint?

If you are wondering how to make hybrid nails with denim blue patterns on your nails, don't worry - it's really simple! Just a few simple steps are enough to create an elegant and fashionable manicure:

Step 1. Prepare the nail plate. Get rid of old styling remnants, develop the shape and level the surface. Push back the cuticles, apply Nail Prep Standard and Delicato acid-free primer.
Step 2. Apply the hybrid base of your choice and cure. We recommend the Flexi Base.
Step 3. Now it's time for the main color! Apply two thin layers of Make me Sublime nail polish to obtain perfect coverage and color intensity. Remember to harden. You will find the exact time on the product packaging.
Step 4. Use a thin decorating brush dipped in Dream of Provence hybrid varnish to paint crazy lines. Harden. If you want something crazier - don't limit yourself!
Step 5. Finally, don't forget about a layer of Make Me Glossy hybrid top, which will protect your manicure, adding shine and extending its durability.

Blue denim blue nails are undoubtedly the hit of this year when it comes to nail styling. Its elegance and versatility make it worth giving it a chance. Just a few simple steps are enough to create a fashionable manicure that will attract attention and further emphasize your style. Will you also like this extremely fashionable color on your nails?

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Denim blue nails

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