Metallic hybrid nails - molten metal nails trend

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Metallic hybrid nails - molten metal nails trend

The world of manicure is constantly evolving, bringing new trends and innovations that fascinate lovers of beautiful nails around the world. One of the latest trends that is winning the hearts of many people are metallic hybrid nails, also known as molten metal nails. This is an extraordinary styling that attracts attention and arouses admiration. Find out more about it by reading our latest article.

Metallic hybrid nails

When it comes to fashionable trends in nail styling, one of the most fascinating and effective solutions are metallic hybrid nails. This trend is becoming more and more popular among lovers of modern style and people looking for innovative solutions in the field of manicure. Metallic hybrid nails offer a wide range of colors, from intense gold to deep, dark shades. Regardless of your preferences, the end result always looks impressive.

What powder for chrome effect?

To create metallic hybrid nails, special metallic dust is used, which gives the nails that characteristic molten metal effect. Nail powders are available in various colors, which allows you to create various styles tailored to your individual preferences. We used Mirror Effect Silver in our styling.

Metallic nails - for which styles?

Metallic hybrid nails are the perfect choice for special occasions such as weddings, parties or evenings out. However, they can also be worn every day, adding a bit of futuristic flare to your everyday look.

If you are a fan of new nail trends, it is worth giving metallic nails a chance and discovering how they can change the everyday look of your hands.

Metallic nail designs - How to create a mirror effect on your nails?

The process of creating metallic hybrid nails can be complicated, especially for a beginner stylist, but the end result is worth it.

Step 1. Prepare the nail plate, push back the cuticles, matt the plate and degrease it with Nail prep STANDARD. Then, depending on your needs, apply Primer DELICATO or STANDARD.
Step 2. Apply two layers of the Cover Lover hybrid base in a natural, beige-pink color, then cure it in the lamp (UV 120 s, LED 30 - 60 s)
Step 3. Use a decorating brush to create irregular lines using Total Black hybrid varnish and cure in the lamp.
Step 4. Apply a hybrid top, e.g. Make Me Glossy, and after hardening it in the lamp, rub Mirror Effect Silver powder into the nail - only in the lines created. Add another layer of top coat to protect the style and add shine.

Metallic hybrid nails are not only a temporary trend, but also a permanent way to emphasize your unique style. Thanks to their unique visual effect and durability, they are becoming more and more popular among lovers of beautiful nails around the world. If you are looking for a way to liven up your styling, metallic hybrid nails will certainly be a hit.

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