What base for the hybrid and what for the gel nails?

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What base for the hybrid and what for the gel nails?

What base will be the best for hybrid stylization and what for gel? Here you have a few key details. It is not so much important to use selected bases for specific types of stylization, but to choose the right product depending on the condition of the nail plate. Hybrid bases are products with various degrees of hardness and flexibility. Their selection should be justified by an interview with the client. All Mistero Milano bases are discussed in detail in the entry - Bazy Hybrydowe porównanie i charakterystyka



Hybrid base and the type of the nail plate?


The first step in choosing the right hybrid base should be to determine what type of nail plate we are dealing with. There are basically three types of nail plate - normal, dry and wet. Normal skin does not shine, has a smooth surface, is not cracked or flaky. Dry skin is the one with white spots, the nail that grows under the surface of the gel tends to curl. In addition, a lot of dust is generated when working with a cutter. Moist skin is one that is characterized by a naturally high glow, moisture of the nail plate and wet fingertips. The nails of people with wet skin are very flexible. Once we have established the above guidelines, remember that in the case of a highly flexible plate, it will be necessary to use an equally flexible base, such as Flexi Base. When we are dealing with a nail plate that detaches from the stylization, it is recommended to use the 2in1 Base. In the case of a standard plate, i.e. normal skin, the best choice will be Mineral Base, Expert Base or Rubber Base.




The best base for hybrid manicure?


As a rule, hybrid stylization is the best solution for short nails, or nails slightly reaching beyond the fingertip. Therefore, such a nail is not highly exposed to mechanical damage such as blows or fractures. It is important to use a base that prevents the risk of chipping and air pockets. For this purpose, the Mineral Base will be perfect. It is a product that creates an extremely thin layer on the surface of the nail, which affects its thickness in an imperceptible way. This base also strengthens the nail plate, so in the event of possible injuries you do not have to worry about fractures and damage. Hybrid base for natural nails, which has a medium-thick and self-leveling consistency, in addition to its obvious properties  will also allow you to perfectly even the surface of the nail plate. Such a procedure will allow you to get a perfect line of light after applying the gel lacquer and the top coat. Base Cover Lover will also be an excellent choice. Among its several universal shades, you will successfully find one that will perfectly match your client's complexion. This type of base, just like the Mineral Base, is the best choice for classic hybrid manicure.




A perfect base for gel manicure?


One-phase gels do not require using the base, however, if you want to be sure that the stylization will be extremely durable and the nail bed will be protected against thermal burns, it is worth reaching for the appropriate base each time when performing gel stylization. The best hybrid base for gels is the one that will be suitable for longer nails and the one that will work with the plate. Flexi Base is one of the most often chosen as a base for gel nails. It is a very flexible hybrid base, which makes the whole stylization work with the nail plate - it does not come off and does not allow the nail plate to detach from the gel mass.


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